Dynasty Premiere: Who Was Arrested for Murder? Plus, Liam's Fate Revealed!

Dynasty Recap

All families have a few skeletons in the closet, or in the case of the Carringtons, a few corpses in the lake. Dynasty returned for its third season on Friday, picking up moments after those bodies were discovered — and by the end of the hour, an arrest was made.

The family did a decent job of skirting around any responsibility during the police’s initial round of questioning, but as the guilt surrounding Trixie’s death began to weigh on Fallon, the comeback queen cracked under pressure. After seeing Trixie’s ghost in Liam’s hospital room — oh, Liam’s alive by the way, in case you didn’t assume that based on Adam Huber’s promotion to series regular — Fallon took it upon herself to visit Trixie’s mother, who had a full-on panic attack at the mere sight of the girl she holds responsible for her daughter’s death.

Fallon’s next move was to announce a Carrington-funded scholarship in Trixie’s name, but when that turned out not to be enough (money doesn’t solve everything!), she did what she knew she had to do: she went to the police. That said, she didn’t exactly squeal on the guilty party; she pinned Trixie’s murder on Mac, the other corpse discovered in the lake, figuring that the two deaths would cancel each other out. (As an added precaution, Adam snuck into the morgue and messed with some paperwork, sending Mac’s DNA-riddled body to be cremated.)

Unfortunately, the plan didn’t go as… planned. Though it’s not yet clear which cog messed up the overall machine (I blame Adam!), the episode ended with the police showing up at Carrington Manor to arrest Blake for Mac’s murder. D’oh!

And to make matters even worse, Liam finally woke up in the hospital, only to reveal he has freaking amnesia. He doesn’t even remember Fallon, let alone recall becoming her fiancé. Naturally, the only person who was pleased by this was Ashley, as Liam still seems to think they’re together — and she’s not about to set him straight.

Other premiere developments…

* As showrunner Josh Reims teased to TVLine over the summer, Friday’s premiere opened with a little wink-nod to the audience about Cristal’s latest recasting. “Save it, Cristal,” Fallon told her. “You’ve already apologized twice. You think the third time’s the charm?” Cristal (now played by Daniella Alonso) replied with a sheepish, “I hope so.”

* With Jeff still “missing,” Dominique spent the season premiere soaking up as much media attention as humanly possible, but when her big interview was bumped for a breaking report about the Carrington corpses, she changed her strategy, enlisting a tabloid reporter (played by Legacies‘ Ben Levin) to investigate Cristal’s shady family.

* Anders taking a job with Sam means that Kirby no longer has a room at the mansion. Her plan was to ask Culhane if she could crash at his place while he’s behind bars, but when he turned down her offer to help with bail money, she kept her request to herself, opting to make her Femperial office into a home away from home.

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