Grey's Anatomy Video: Meredith Makes a Thief of [Spoiler] to Stock Her Makeshift Roadside Clinic — WATCH

One woman’s trash is another woman’s… makeshift hospital? In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy (8/7c, ABC), unemployed medical outlaw Meredith Grey decides to turn her community-service gig picking up litter into a healing opportunity by opening her own roadside urgent-care center — and she’s pulling one of her former colleagues into her get-well-quick scheme. (BTW, Ask Ausiello has a  big scoop about that possibly returning Grey’s alum.)

As previewed in the above sneak peek from “Back in the Saddle,” Schmitt nervously hands over to Meredith — who is in the midst of triaging her fellow community-service workers — a horde of medical supplies from Grey Sloan. “Am I going to get arrested?” the neurotic intern cries out. “I feel like I’m going to get arrested. I just stole from the hospital.”

After quickly reminding him, “I own the hospital,” Meredith orders Schmitt to roll up his sleeves and get to work. But just as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, is about to diagnose her next patient, her supervisor catches her in the act and threatens to close down her operation. “This isn’t a walk-in clinic, Grey,” she bellows. “Get back to work!”

The power balance quickly shifts back in Mer’s favor when the eagle-eyed doc grills her taskmaster about a mysterious nodule on her neck. What happens next? Press PLAY above and find out!

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