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Is A Million Little Things' Maggie Ready for a Baby? Allison Miller Weighs In

A Million Little Things Maggie Baby Gary Season 2 Allison Miller Interview

You might’ve missed it in A Million Little Things‘ Season 2 premiere — because Maggie’s tirade against Delilah’s heartless lactation consultant was so deliciously deserved — but Gary’s girlfriend revealed something very intriguing during her rant.

“[Delilah]’s been trying [to nurse] for the last two days, and that entire time, you’ve made her feel like she’s a bad mother just ’cause she can’t breastfeed her baby,” Maggie reprimanded the consultant during the episode. “I’m gonna have a baby someday, and thanks to my double mastectomy, I am never going to be able to breastfeed. You know what I am gonna be able to do, though? Be a fantastic mother. Because she is my friend.”

The speech was a turning point that showed just how far the character, who when we met her was planning to succumb to her second bout of breast cancer, has come. “All of a sudden, now she has this partner in her life and there is a possibility of family planning,” Allison Miller tells TVLine. “I talked to [showrunner] DJ Nash about this. Like, is she having to take Lupron [hormone treatment]? Is she going to harvest her eggs? All of these things Maggie now has to think about, because she has a future and person that she loves.”

Any thoughts of building a potential family with that person — James Roday’s Gary, of course — likely will get pushed aside during Thursday’s episode (ABC, 9/8c), when Maggie is dealt not one but two large shocks over the course of the hour. But underneath, Miller says, just know that Maggie has gone from completely giving up on life to harboring the possibility of creating a new one.

“Not knowing” what will happen next, she adds, is “a whole other world for her. So the fact that this woman is getting on Delilah’s case about not being able to breastfeed just sparks this rage inside Maggie that she probably wasn’t even aware she’s carrying around with her at that moment.” She laughs. “It’s really fun to just yell at her, too.”