Power Recap: 'Time Out Is Over'

Power Recap Season 6 Episode 6

If ever there were a Power equivalent of Avengers Assemble, it would be this week’s episode.

Pretty much everyone — including a still-feuding Ghost and Tommy — unite to get Tariq back from Vincent. Weight is moved! Cops are lied to! Hold-ups are faked! And by the end of the episode, Ghost and Tommy each have a pertinent new piece of information that is likely to shape the rest of the series’ trajectory.

Read on for the highlights of “Inside Man.”

THAT LITTLE STINKER! | I’ll give Tariq this much: The kid is slick. It turns out that the whole hostage thing was his idea, as we learn when Vincent tells him, “You’re were right, kid: As long as Ghost and Tommy think you’re in danger, they’ll do anything to cover what you owe me.” Oh, and he also reminds the mob boss that once Vincent breaks even, they’re splitting everything 50/50. The stones on this kid! Joke’s on him, though: As Vincent confides in his driver, he’s planning on killing Ghost, Tommy and Tariq once the $2 million is delivered.

Meanwhile, Tommy isn’t completely certain he’s going to help Ghost with the gargantuan task of raising that much cash in 24 hours. “If I come on board with you, I’m working with you, not for you,” he says angrily when Ghost starts ordering him around. Of course, five minutes later, Tommy is fully on board.

MAN WITH A PLAN | Step 1: Use a little of Ghost’s “leverage” to borrow $1 million for the day from Tate’s campaign. I won’t print Tate’s hilarious response to the request here, but just know that the gubernatorial candidate is NOT DOWN with that plan. So Ghost reminds him about the taped conversation in his possession, in which Tate confesses to skimming off the campaign funds himself, and Tate begrudgingly agrees.

Step 2: Get Dre to procure more primeras in order to move the massive amount of product Tommy has gotten from Jason. In exchange, Ghost will ask Tate to pull some strings so Dre can get his daughter back from the system. “How much I gotta move, and when do I start?” Dre asks, wary but willing to do just about anything to see his kid again. There’s one more wrinkle, though: Ghost still doesn’t trust Dre, so he’s pairing him with Alphonse, who’ll keep an eye on him.

After Vincent visits Tasha to make sure she’s putting the squeeze on Ghost and Tommy, she storms into Tommy’s apartment and wonders why no one bothered to tell her that her son was in mortal danger. When she finds out what’s on the docket, she turns to Ghost and incredulously asks, “So you’re saying you’re back in the game?” She assumes that they’ll want her to clean the money through the daycare, but LaKeisha says she’s got it taken care of. And when Keisha balks at that, Tommy overrules her and makes her agree to show Tasha her accounting, at least.

And when LaKeisha sees Zigg swing by the daycare to pick up his cash, she realizes he’s a dealer and wonders what’s up. Tasha confesses that she’s been moving product through her new business, with some help from the stripper mom we met a few episodes back. Keisha sees an opportunity. So with the scantily clad ladies at the mom’s club, as well as Tommy’s guys and Dre and Alphonse, the assemblage sells all the drugs necessary to amass $2 million. Go, team!

ORANGE YOU GLAD TO SEE ME? | Tommy and Ghost drive the money over to Vincent’s, with Ghost wondering what will happen between the two men once their truce is done. “We do what we do,” Tommy says, but it doesn’t go much farther than that, because suddenly Jason’s men drive up and block their path. Jason demands half of the cash they’ve earned, as payment for what Tommy (for protection) and Ghost (for killing Stanomir) still owe him.

So that leaves the guys $1 mil short when they arrive at Vincent’s, and he’s not pleased. He fills a pillowcase with oranges and hits Tariq with it a whole lot — later we learn that was not part of Tariq’s master plan, which, duh — and Ghost nearly turns himself inside out promising to get the remainder of the cash to the Italian by the next day. (Side note: Violence via citrus fruit in a sack? Is this really a thing?)

Back at Tommy’s, everyone wracks their brains for a new way to drum up the ransom. Tasha surprises them by saying she’s got a connect and can get them more drugs. But she’s sidetracked the next day when the cops come wanting to talk to Tariq. Ghost gets Vincent to give the kid a day pass so Tasha can take him to chat with Blanca Rodriguez and a detective who have a bunch of questions about the shooting at the penthouse. Tariq out-and-out lies to them about how he used the service entrance to avoid a racist white guy in the building, then offers up a soliloquy on how there’s too much death in his life.

Afterwards, Tasha knows that her son was lying. But he says it doesn’t matter, because Vincent is going to kill him, Ghost and Tommy regardless. That freaks her out even more. So when she’s back with the guys and LaKeisha, and they realize that Zigg’s subpar drugs only earned them $40,000, she helps them come up with a new plan: They’re going to rob Tate’s fundraiser at Truth — with 2-Bit, Spanky and Alphonse playing the hoods — and Tommy is going to grab one of Vincent’s guys as an insurance policy, too.

TATE THE HERO | The hold-up is going well — although Ghost and Tasha, who are among the guests, could look a little more surprised at what’s going on, no? — until Tate recognizes Alphonse’s voice. Ghost presses a gun into the candidate’s hand and creates a little bit of a diversion. But when things escalate and Alphonse fixates on Ramona, Tate shoots Alphonse dead right there in the middle of Truth. (The other two guys escape, however.)

At the end of the evening, Tate looks like a hero, Ghost has the cash he needs to get Tariq back (thanks to fencing the jewelry through Benny’s guys) and everything is good, right?

Maybe not. Vincent gets his driver back and then makes like he’s going to finish off Ghost & Co., but just then, Benny and his crew roll up. He mentions how he loves Tariq for helping Elisa Marie after Proctor’s death, and “unless you want to go to war with my people… quit while you’re f—king ahead.” Vincent stands down.

Before he leaves, Benny tells Tommy that Ghost gave him the name of the man responsible for Joe’s murder. But he doesn’t say that Ghost mentioned a name that was NOT Tommy’s… so there’s that. Back at Tasha’s apartment, Ghost realizes that “Tommy killed Proctor,” and that Tariq helped him. She’s even more freaked out as she says that Tariq lied to the police about the evening in question.

And at Tommy’s apartment, Egan tells LaKeisha that Ghost knows about Proctor. “In some weird way, I think he might take this almost as hard as the Angela thing,” he says. In any event, their war is back on: “Time out is over.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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