America's Got Talent Finale Recap: Did Your Favorite Act Win Season 14?

AGT Winner

The top 10 acts of Season 14 returned to the America’s Got Talent stage on Wednesday, Cher-ing the spotlight with some of the biggest names in entertainment today, yesterday… and forever.

V.Unbeatable, the Detroit Youth Choir, Emanne Beasha, Ryan Niemiller, Voices of Service, Light Balance Kids, Benicio Bryant, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Kodi Lee and the Ndlovu Youth Choir were given the opportunity to work with their personal heroes, leading to some epic collaborations: Voices of Service and Billy Ray Cyrus! V.Unbeatable and Julianne Hough! Ryan Niemiller and… WWE wrestler Chris Jericho? (Hey, why not? It was a finale!)

Heading into Wednesday’s finale, 44 percent of TVLine readers predicted that Kodi Lee would win, while V.Unbeatable followed closely behind with 32 percent. (None of the other eight acts even cracked 5 percent of our readers’ votes.) However, when asked which act should win Season 14, Kodi Lee and V.Unbeatable tied for first place with 33 percent apiece. Either way, all eyes were on those two.

So, how did our readers’ predictions pan out? As the two-hour live event began to dwindle, Terry Crews announced the five finalists whose journeys had come to an end: Benicio Bryant, Emanne Beasha, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, Light Balance Kids and Tyler Butler-Figueroa.

Then came the moment millions of talent-loving Americans have been waiting for, the reveal of this season’s big winner: Voices of Service finished in fifth place, V.Unbeatable came in fourth place, Ryan Niemiller in third and the Detroit Youth Choir in second.

That left Kodi Lee as the official winner of America’s Got Talent Season 14. In addition to nabbing the $1 million grand prize, TK will also headline a show in Las Vegas from Nov. 7–10.

Let’s talk: How did your favorite act fare in Wednesday’s finale? Do you think America picked the right winner? Jog your memory of AGT‘s previous winners — you can click here for direct access to the gallery — then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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