A Million Little Things Season 2 Premiere First Look: What Secret Is Maggie's New Patient Hiding?

A Million Little Things Season 2 Maggie PJ Therapy Photo

As a therapist, A Million Little Things‘ Maggie is professionally bound not to divulge whatever comes up during a patient’s session. But we at TVLine have taken no such oath, so we’re really OK with giving you a little peek at a moment that takes place inside her office during the ABC drama’s Sept 26 return (9/8c).

Fans of the show will remember that Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead) showed up at the end of Season 1 as PJ, a teenager who met Rome at the hospital while the gang was there for Maggie’s cancer surgery. The boy’s need for someone to talk to prompted Rome to give him Maggie’s office number. And based on the exclusive photo above, PJ made an appointment. But when TVLine visited the show’s set in August, Riggs hinted that his character may have an ulterior motive in booking time with Ms. Bloom.

“He definitely knows a lot more than we see in Episode 1,” the actor said.

That presents quite a challenge for Maggie, adds portrayer Allison Miller, because “she only, as a therapist, can work with what is being told to her. So it’s not fully honest. She can’t really help, but he does reveal a certain amount.”

The session goes down in the season premiere, which is titled “Coming Home” and which also features the birth of Delilah and Eddie’s baby… and the resolution of that fraught Katherine/Eddie scene from the end of the Season 1 finale. Elsewhere, per the episode’s official synopsis, “Gary and Maggie struggle with living together post-cancer, and Rome and Regina continue to be at odds about having a baby of their own.”

Take a good look at the photo above, then hit the comments with your thoughts: What secrets do you think PJ is hiding?