Fall TV Preview

American Horror Story Season 9: Everything to Know Ahead of 1984

American Horror Story Season 9

Fall may not officially be upon us yet, but with a new season of American Horror Story just days away, there’s definitely a chill in the air.

The FX anthology series returns for its ninth outing on Wednesday (10/9c), spinning a fresh tale of terror with new locales, new characters and new victims. (Of course, this being AHS, those last two are bound to overlap.)

And because it’s always safest to enter a dangerous situation with as much information as possible, we’ve assembled your survival guide for AHS: 1984, a season influenced by classic slasher movies.

From familiar favorites to fresh faces, we’ve got the scoop on everyone you’ll encounter in this twisted new world — and, sadly, a few AHS staples you’ll be seeing a lot less of this time around.

Frankly, the only thing we don’t know about AHS: 1984 is how it might connect to previous Horror Story seasons. (As you may recall, last year’s Apocalypse expertly wove together characters and concepts from multiple installments, including Murder House, Coven and Hotel.) Of course, we’ll certainly be watching for clues as the season progresses.

Browse our gallery for everything you need to know about AHS: 1984 — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts below.