Power Recap: Forgot About Dre

Power Recap Season 6 Episode 3

Two more major players take lethal bullets in this week’s installment of the final season of Power, which is starting to rival Game of Thrones‘ swan song in both ruthlessness and body count. 

Don’t want to read the entire recap to find out who was killed? No worries: It was Special Agent in Charge Jerry Donovan and cartel head Alicia Jimenez. As for who offed them and why? Keep reading for the highlights of “Forgot About Dre,” directed by series co-creator 50 Cent.

DONOVAN’S LAST, WORST DAY | Donovan and his men get Dre and daughter Heaven ready to leave the safehouse so he can testify against Alicia at her trial, but then one of the guys keeping watch outside stops answering his radio. Donovan realizes something’s gone sideways about .10 seconds before gunmen burst through the door and start shooting with abandon. Donovan is holding Heaven; he simultaneously shields her with his body, aims for the now-multiple gunmen and denies Dre’s pleas to let him have a gun to defend himself. Heaven eventually ends up with her dad, then Donovan takes a bullet in the shoulder but still manages to take down the assassins.

As he warns Dre that there could be others on the way, Dre picks up a discarded weapon and menacingly approaches Donovan. The agent pleads for his life, saying that he has kids, too, but Dre doesn’t care: He shoots him dead while Heaven looks on. Not long after, the Feds nab Dre and his daughter they try to flee New York City.

The AUSA’s office knows that the hit was orchestrated by Alicia Jimenez. But Jacob Warner & Co. don’t know that Dre killed Donovan — they likely assume that Alicia’s hired guns took him out — so they move forward with their plan to have Dre appear in court.

NOT GREAT FOR TATE? | Gubenatorial hopeful Rashad Tate is having vigorous sex with… his fiancée? when he gets a phone call from the Democratic National Committee saying that he’s going to get some major support very soon. He’s very pleased, a) because his lady doesn’t stop, um, servicing him during the conversation and b) because he assumes the DNC is going to pump some much-needed cash into his campaign.

Later that morning, at Tate headquarters, we learn two things. First, the woman in Tate’s bed was a fiancée, but not Tate’s fiancée: She’s actually one of Tate’s employees who’s engaged (or maybe married?) to the staffer he beat up in the previous episode. (Side note: Because I am juvenile, I laughed out loud when she urged her guy to get over his problems with Tate, because “this campaign is bigger than you. So, SO much bigger.”) And the second thing we learn is that the DNC isn’t sending money, per se: It’s sending an operative named Ramona Garrity who’s there to help them win. And her first question, after she fires half of the staff without even meeting them, is, “Who is James St. Patrick?”

Tate tries to keep Ghost away from Ramona, but it doesn’t work. She later seeks him out at Truth, and he’s so charming that she thinks it would be a good idea for him and Tasha to act as Tate’s surrogates while the candidate is out of town. This, of course, is precisely the opposite of what Tate wants. But he eventually goes along with it, even going so far as to help Ramona wine and dine Tasha to try to get her to pretend she’s still with Ghost for the sake of the campaign. (Side note/confession: I don’t 100 percent understand why the campaign needs the St. Patricks to appear as a unified couple, but maybe more will be revealed in time?) Tasha eventually agrees… as long as Tate will ease her path in putting together a new business related to childcare licensing. Ramona quickly agrees, she and Tasha have a moment about cheating husbands (Ramona’s ex is a senator who likes call girls), and it’s done.

TARIQ’S NEW TROUBLE | At Choate, both Effie (the female student we met last episode) and Tariq’s roommate report that they need more pills to push. But when ‘Riq returns to New York to retrieve the rest of the stash Kanan gave him, he realizes it’s not enough. Back at school, Effie and ‘Riq play chess and bond over their dead siblings. (Her brother was killed during a robbery gone wrong.) Tariq later confesses that he hasn’t got a connect.

IN WHICH THE FEDS DROP THE BALL… AGAIN | Back to everyone’s biggest problem: Alicia Jimenez. Jason wants her captured but alive, so he separately commands Ghost and Tommy to do the job. And it’s a tough one, because there’s a very narrow window in which she’ll be outside maximum security federal prison where she’s being held.

Naturally, both men go straight to Proctor, demanding the logistical information necessary to grab her. And on the day of the trial, Ghost dresses as an elevator maintenance man and hangs out down the hall from the courtroom where Alicia will be tried. There’s no sign of Tommy and his guys, though, as the cartel jefa sits down next to her lawyer. Everything seems to be going according to non-criminal plan until Alicia takes a sip of the water provided for her and starts coughing and retching. At that same moment, the bailiff — who placed the water cup in front of the defendant — gets a text from an unnamed contact saying that $10,000 has been transferred to his account. The Feds hustle Alicia to the nearest ladies’ room; while everyone is watching her leave, the crooked bailiff swaps the poisoned cup for a clean one, and no one is the wiser.

The Feds do a quick sweep of the bathroom before letting Alicia in to vomit and collapse in a stall. They don’t realize, though, that LaKeisha is in the next stall over, and she’s just texted Tommy that it’s go time. So when two EMTs show up to transport Jimenez to the hospital, it’s actually 2-Bit and Spanky. Ghost knows he’s screwed, so he heads to the building’s garage… where he and Tommy lock eyes before Tommy, also dressed as an EMT, helps the guys load Alicia into an ambulance and take off. BG stays behind to run interference that keeps the Feds’ SUVs stuck in the garage so they can’t follow.

ADIOS, ALICIA | When Alicia wakes up in a warehouse, Jason informs her that she’s been poisoned with thallium — which is colorless, odorless and tasteless. I know that because I Googled it, which means I’m now probably on some criminal watchlist. Anyway, he demands that she give him all the info on her trafficking operation. She asks for a cigarette, and after she gets one, she tells him (in more colorful and concise language) that she’s not going to help him. “Whoever did this to me will betray you, too,” she warns. Jason doesn’t like that answer, so he shoots her once in the chest and once in the neck, killing her instantly.

Tommy, who’s standing nearby, is like WHAT?! “I wanted to kill her myself,” Jason explains. And when Tommy confronts him about tasking Ghost with the hit, too, the Serb doesn’t deny it. “I was banking on the odds of one of you delivering,” he says. “Great job today, Tommy.”

PLAN B | A desperate Ghost needs money to pay Jason, so guess who he calls? Simon! The two meet at Truth, and the older man can’t hide his glee at having St. Patrick in his debt once more… LaKeisha, high on her small part in Tommy’s successful operation, tells him that he can launder money through her shop — provided he keeps Tasha out of it… Saxe tells Dre that Alicia’s death means he’s free to go, but he’ll be known as a snitch, he’s likely to get picked up on drug charges and Heaven is now in protective custody. Or, he can stay and help them catch Angela’s killer. “Help me get Ghost,” Saxe says.

At the end of the hour, Ghost calls Tommy to suggest that they team up to take Jason out. “The only reason you calling me now is because you ain’t got nobody. That’s why you lost today,” Tommy says, irate. “The next time I see you, Ima cancel Christmas on your a–.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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