Power's La La Anthony Dishes About LaKeisha's 'Dangerous' Desire to Prove She's Tommy's 'Ride or Die'

Power Season 6 La La Anthony Interview LaKeisha Tommy

Power‘s LaKeisha may not be making the best choices this season — see also: ditching a murder weapon in the Hudson River — but, La La Anthony asks, who hasn’t done really stupid things for love?

“All she wants to do is prove to Tommy that she’s ride-or-die, and she’s in it until the end,” Anthony tells TVLine, “but I don’t think she really understands what that means until she’s so far in that you’ve just got to stay at that point.”

This Sunday’s episode (Starz, 8/7c) will find Cash’s mom continuing her education in the drug business, courtesy of boyfriend Tommy. And though Keisha might have an inkling of what Tommy does to keep her in designer purses and such, “she’s naive about it,” Anthony says. “She knows it’s a drug game, but she doesn’t know the ins and outs or the murders and different things that happen.” She refers to the scene in a previous season where Tasha asked her man if he’d ever killed anyone, and was relieved to hear him say no. (As we all know, Tommy was lying. A lot.)

“You see a lot of doubt,” Anthony adds, previewing episodes to come. “But then she pushes through it, because she ultimately just wants this happy family.”

Series boss Courtney Kemp observes that there’s a sharp, telling distinction between LaKeisha and her former bestie, Tasha — though a lot of people miss it.

“The characterization of Tasha as ride-or-die I always find really interesting, because she never was,” the EP says. When Ghost said he didn’t want to be a drug dealer anymore, for instance, “She’s like, ‘Shut up, move weight,'” Kemp says. “Everyone’s like, ‘Tasha’s his ride-or-die.’ I’m like, ‘No. To ride is like, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’ and you’re like, ‘Cool, I got you.’ She was like, ‘Stay with the program. This is the program.’ LaKeisha is much more like, ‘OK, if this is the program, this is what I’m going to do… If I can help you, I’m staying.'”

But that degree of loyalty may have its price: Anthony hints that later on this season, Tasha will “a hundred percent” have to cross barriers that she’s set up for herself. “And then it’s interesting to see: How far will she go before she either goes too far or decides, ‘I can’t do this anymore?'”

Or, as Kemp succinctly warns: “The riding and the dying could both take place. Or not.”

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