Is BH90210 Channeling Brad Pitt? Was Power Reveal Too Soon? Did Colbert Fail Us Like Fallon? And More TV Qs!


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Carnival Row, Power, Mayans MC and Pearson!

Carnival Row1 | In Carnival Row Episode 3, why would Vignette — who can fly — have left any footprints in the snow en route to the super-secret library?

2 | Why did Succession‘s Tom not counter Greg’s extremely polite blackmail attempt with a reminder that he knows about the lad’s meeting with the biographer? And is anybody else worried how far the show plans to go with this somewhat amusing but mostly icky Gerri/Roman “dynamic”?

3 | On Pennyworth, Martha Kane’s handrail-free spiral staircase is not at all up to code, is it? Do you suspect that Lord James’ Voldemort-y lack of a nose simply get too expensive? And did the latest episode have one hallucination sequence too many going on?

The Affair4 | Is The Affair testing your patience by spending so little time with Joanie in each episode? And did anyone else pause on the bird’s-eye view of a climate change-ravaged Montauk to see if The Lobster Roll was still standing?

5 | Power viewers: Are you surprised it didn’t take longer (more than an episode, at least!) for Ghost to learn Tommy was alive?

6 | American Ninja Warrior fans: After Drew Drechsel and Flip Rodriguez’s surprise falls during Stage 1, are you more thankful than ever for the Safety Pass?

7 | On Mayans MC, are we really to believe that EZ would keep such scattered, poorly hidden notes in his trailer regarding his investigation into Happy?

8 | Anyone else finding Four Weddings and a Funeral‘s Maya and Kash the least compelling couple in the series?

9 | Was it in Shannen Doherty’s BH90210 contract that she be eating in every scene a la Brad Pitt? Also, could Tori Spelling’s plug for a certain luxury SUV have been any less subtle? (“At least it was a comfortable ride. There’s all this space in the third row!”)

Suits Louis Harvey Wig10 | Did Suits cross the line into absurdist territory by having Louis don a wig to pretend to be Harvey? But the rest of the storyline, especially Harvey and Samantha torturing Louis, was pretty hilarious, right?

11 | Were you waiting for Pearson‘s Keri and Stephanie Novak to turn their attention to the shared root of their problems: Bobby?

12 | Was Stephen Colbert playing Joe Biden’s very real, and ongoing, verbal “gaffes” for light comedy maybe ever so slightly akin to Jimmy Fallon playfully mussing Donald Trump’s hair?

13 | Should we be concerned that the first teaser trailer for Spectrum’s Mad About You revival was comprised almost entirely of vintage clips vs. new footage (save for a handful of stills)?

14 | Which Spin the Wheel contestant pained you more: the one who didn’t know that the quote “They’re real and they’re spectacular” was even from a TV show, or the guy who didn’t know which actress made “The Rachel” famous?

Titans15 | In the Titans Season 2 premiere, was guest star Iain Glenn’s lightly veiled Scottish accent, more so than his age relative to Dick’s, not quite fitting for Bruce Wayne? Did you find yourself distracted, wondering how he’d sound as Batman?

16 | Did Elite‘s Samuel officially complete his transition into Ryan Atwood in the Season 2 premiere, what with the vowing to avenge his ex-girlfriend’s murder and the boxing?

17 | To paraphrase TVLine reader Adam: Does anyone miss the days when you had to speculate which talk show host got a facelift over the summer?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!