The Flash's New Costume: Is Barry Looking Good to Face a 'Cuckoo' Crisis?

Flash Season 6 New Costume

The Flash is a strapping young man — chinstrapping, that is — in the first official photo of the speedster’s latest costume upgrade.

One of many exclusive images featured in TVLine’s Fall TV Preview Spectacular, the photo from the Season 6 premiere (airing Tuesday, Oct. 8) reveals the return of the chinstrap that sadly went AWOL last year but has always been shown in the ominous “Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis” front-page newspaper story from the year 2024, which in the May finale updated to 2019.

The notion of preventing the fast-tracked Crisis “is very much the story of the first few episodes,” showrunner Eric Wallace tells TVLine. “How can we prevent this? What would that look like and what would that mean, and are there consequences to attempting that?”

Amid all of that, Team Flash members will have very unique reactions to the suddenly imminent and real prospect of losing Barry. “What’s it like to lose someone who is so close to you. How can you even deal with that, really?” asks Wallace. “It’s the hardest thing in the world.”

If there is a “bright side” to the sped-up Crisis, it’s that it has injected Season 6 with an amplified intensity, building up to the five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event (launching Dec. 8).

“What is exciting for us is 2024 just became 2019, and it gives our season so much urgency,” Wallace enthuses. “The stories are burning so hot right now in ‘Graphic Novel No. 1′” — aka the stretch of pre-crossover episodes — “that it’s going to give a different flavor to The Flash that will tie right into the intensity of the crossover this year.

“Because ‘Crisis,’ man, we hit the ground running right in Hour 1,” Wallace teases. “Some cuckoo stuff happens.”

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Flash New Costume

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