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Grey's Anatomy Time Jump Twist: The Season 16 Premiere Will Pick Up...

Grey's Anatomy Season 16

Grey’s Anatomy will be doing the time warp again when it returns for Season 16 later this month, but there’s a catch.

Showrunner Krista Vernoff tells TVLine that the Thursday, Sept. 26, opener will pick up “moments from where we left off” in the Season 15 finale, and “all of the lingering” cliffhangers — i.e. Meredith, Richard and Alex receiving pink slips, DeLuca wearing prison orange and Jackson vanishing into thin air thick fog — will be addressed “pretty immediately.”

But shortly thereafter, the clock will begin to tick but quickly. “We will then span a little bit of time over the course of the hour,” reveals Vernoff by way of describing the unusual time-jump scenario. How much time will lapse by the end of the premiere? “I would rather not reveal that,” she says, holding her cards close to her vest.

Regardless of the leap forward’s exact length (be it weeks or months or…  years?), Vernoff promises that there will be fallout from the various conflicts — particularly where Meredith and DeLuca are concerned.

“They’ve got to navigate the complexities of a new relationship in the wake of Meredith having been fired and having broken the law,” previews the EP. “There are stressors on their very new relationship coming from the ramifications of those decisions last season.”

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