Power Recap: Reports of Tommy's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Power REcap SEason 6 Episode 2

Ghost thinks Tommy is dead for much of this week’s Power and — OK, I’ll give it to him — he seems mildly broken up by the fact that he’s lost both the woman he loves and his lifelong best friend just days apart. After all, with a character as guarded as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a few sniffles and a mournful look is tantamount to a sobbing soliloquy, right?

But by the end of the hour, Ghost is more than aware that Egan lives, and that fact makes more than one kind of trouble for the nightclub owner. Speaking of trouble, Tariq’s about to get into a whole new kind of it at Choate… and we’re not talking about late fees at the campus library.

Read on for the highlights of “Whose Side Are You On?”

INCORRECT ASSUMPTIONS | Hours after he pumped Tommy’s Mustang full of bullets, Ghost returns to the scene of the crime and is promptly grabbed by Jason’s goons. “That was a big assault on my organization,” the Serb warns Ghost, who gently (considering he’s being held a gunpoint) corrects him that killing Egan was “a family matter. Tommy got in over his head.” Ghost is 100 percent sure he murdered his hotheaded former partner, and he’s brought a pile of cash to give Jason in exchange for his troubles. Jason’s like, “That’s cute.” Instead, he demands $100,000 every two weeks in exchange for not retaliating — otherwise, “I’ll kill you myself.”

Ghost makes a beeline to Proctor’s, where he tells him what happened and demands an alibi. But the lawyer was “literally with the Feds” (remember how Jacob Warner showed up at Elisa Marie’s recital?) and can’t do it. For what it’s worth, he says, he’s not sorry Tommy is gone; the death simplifies things for everyone. THEN GHOST HAS THE GALL TO GET OFFENDED. “I’d say I’m sorry for your loss, but you’re the one that pulled the trigger!” Proctor replies; Ghost responds that he had no choice. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door: Proctor is served with legal papers, because his “cokehead ex” wants joint custody of their daughter.

WHAT PAZ DOESN’T KNOW | While Paz is cleaning out Angela’s office, Saxe drops by to say that Angela’s benefits are going to be tied up for a while, mainly because the AUSA’s office isn’t 100 percent sure Ms. Valdes wasn’t a criminal herself. Paz frets that she won’t be able to pay for the funeral, then heads to Angie’s apartment… where she finds a burner phone that made frequent calls to a number in the 347 area code. Paz assumes it’s Jamie’s number, so she texts him and asks to meet.

Meanwhile, at Ghost and Tasha’s divorce arbitration — which was set up in record time, given that she just demanded to end their marriage the night before — Tasha’s forensic accountant knows about Ghost’s hidden accounts. But Ghost’s lawyer reminds her of the prenuptial agreement she signs, which gives her absolutely nothing if she initiates divorce proceedings. It gets nasty.

In the hallway afterward, Ghost says the hidden accounts she found are empty, thanks to his involvement in the Queens Child Project. But Tasha St. Patrick, make that Tasha Green, doesn’t care, and she adds that the allowance he’s been giving her isn’t enough. “I want half of everything,” she demands. He thinks that’s the perfect moment to ask her to attend Angela’s funeral with him. Naturally, she balks. “It’s important that we maintain a united, innocent front, and an innocent person would go to her funeral,” he says, adding that if he goes to jail, she won’t get any money from him. She realizes he has a point and acquiesces, but on the condition that he promises he won’t go after Tommy. Like the shady character that he is, he agrees.

TASHA BEGINS TO TURN | Meanwhile, Tommy gets an Uber ride home after the shooting, thanks to Tariq, then meets with his primeras. He doesn’t say who came after him, but warns them all to act as though he’s dead. Later, he swings by LaKeisha’s place. She’s on the “Ghost needs to die” train, but their discussion is cut short by a knock on the door. Keisha is absolutely sure it’s the cops there to drag them away, and freaks out accordingly. But it’s just Tasha, who can’t find Tommy. Keisha opens the door wide enough to show her ex-friend that Tommy’s there, but then orders her to leave and closes the door in her face.

Up at Choate, Tariq returns to his dorm room to find Ghost there. The teen correctly guesses that someone important is dead — but when Ghost says that it was Tommy and he had to off him, ‘Riq doesn’t say anything despite knowing full well that his uncle is alive. “Sometimes, the people you trust the most can turn on you with no warning,” Ghost warns his son, but Tariq is sick of hearing his dad talk and asks him to leave. The minute Ghost is gone, Tariq calls Tommy. “Were you aiming for him when you shot Angela?” he asks, and Tommy answers truthfully: Yep. The boy absorbs this information, then asks Tommy one favor: If he’s going to kill Ghost, at least give him a heads-up? Tommy agrees.

Later, Tommy and Tasha meet up. The biggest takeaway? She’s starting to wonder whether it’s better for her and the kids if Ghost is dead. She also advises him to buy LaKeisha some pretty things to ease her skittishness. But when he brings home a Chanel purse, Keisha sees right through him and forbids him from having secret conversations with Tasha. He kind of tells her that she’s got to agree to have a “certain amount of responsibility” in his criminal wrongdoigns. They both agree to terms… though I fear poor Keisha is not really aware of what she’s signing up for. Nevertheless, she keeps the bag.

Oh, also? Jason intercepts Tommy’s attempt to kill Ghost outside of Truth and forbids him to try again — otherwise, he’ll yank his drugs, and Tommy won’t have anything to sell. He also promises to protect Tommy (for a price). But if he’s late with anything, “I will pull my men and I will let Ghost kill you,” Jason vows.

ASHES TO ASHES | Paz is surprised when Tasha, not Ghost, shows up for the meeting. Tasha informs her that she and Angela were working together to keep everyone out of jail — and if she turns in the burner phone, she’ll be sealing Angela’s fate as a guilty party. Meanwhile, Blanca Rodriguez is certain that Tasha knows something about Terry Silver’s death. But when she confronts her, right after Tasha’s rendezvous with Paz, Tasha denies all.

The day of Angela’s funeral, Paz learns that everything is paid for. She texts Tasha “Thank you,” then tucks the burner phone into Angela’s coffin. “Your secret will be buried with you,” she whispers in Spanish to the casket.

Robinson, Donovan and Saxe attend Angela’s graveside service, as does Steve Tampio. They’re all shocked to see Ghost and Tasha show up. “The balls on this guy,” Saxe scoffs. “He’s f—kin’ O.J.” But Ghost has a jolt of his own when he sees Tommy walk right up to Paz and offer her any support she needs. As the men lock eyes across the crowd, Ghost angrily asks, “Tasha, did you know Tommy was alive?” The self-satisfied look on her face is perfection as she chirps, “Yup!”

When Ghost confronts Jason about knowing Tommy was alive, Ghost says he’s going to kill him for real this time. Jason warns that if he does, “you’ll become my new distro.” Ghost says no way. Jason doesn’t care.

MISCELLANEOUS MISCREANTS | Other important bits from the episode: In exchange for Saxe’s help getting her a job at a private law firm, and after she secures joint custody of Elisa Marie, Proctor’s ex-wife plants a bug in a keyring on her daughter’s backpack to help the Feds get dirt on Proctor’s new crimes (since he’s got amnesty for the old stuff)… Tariq builds his illicit empire at Choate by having his roommate become a dealer. But when a female classmate who also is black calls him out for being a stereotype and potentially ruining it for the few black students at the elite boarding school, Tariq ignores her concerns and instead offers her a job. Though she initially refuses, the girl changes her mind quickly and shows up at his room ready to work the next day… Dre, who is in protective custody and is scheduled to testify against Alicia Jimenez the next day, learns that Angela is dead and is NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. But Donovan says that everything is moving ahead as scheduled, and that after he goes to court, “you’ll never see New York again…” Tasha and Yaz move into their own apartment… Tate, mad that Ghost upstaged him at the press conference that kicked off his gubernatorial campaign, hires a dude from the neighborhood to do some “research” on St. James.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts!


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