Teen Choice Awards 2019: The Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments

Teen Choice Awards 2019

When Fox asked Lucy Hale to lend a hand by hosting the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, she couldn’t have known how literal that request would become. Midway through Sunday’s broadcast, the Katy Keene star reluctantly assisted co-host David Dobrik in doing the bottle cap challenge with suntan lotion, a stunt that unsurprisingly ended with her getting kicked in the hand.

“My hand actually hurts,” Hale told Dobrik. “I wasn’t expecting that.” We, however, did expect it. Ever since Paula Abdul nailed Julianne Hough in the throat at the Billboard Music Awards, we just started assuming that the worst will always happen. It’s our new normal.

But that was just one of several Teen Choice moments worth revisiting. Our list of this year’s best, worst and weirdest occurrences also includes: Noah Centineo’s endearing acceptance speech for Choice Comedy Movie Actor (he was so happy!), the mysterious disappearance of KJ Apa, and the eerily consistent presence of those Masked Singer mascots — particularly the egg who wears another egg as a hat. That just ain’t natural.

Browse our gallery of the best and worst moments from the 2019 Teen Choice Awards — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own selections below.

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