Jane the Virgin: Will There Be a Spinoff?

Jane the Virgin Spinoff

Jane Villanueva’s story wrapped up during this week’s series finale — but has the world of Jane the Virgin come to an end?

Back in January, The CW gave a pilot order to the telenovela-inspired spinoff Jane the Novela. The anthology offshoot was based on the titular heroine’s fictional novels, with Jane star Gina Rodriguez set to narrate the episodes. Each season would have been adapted from a different book; the first installment was to be set “at a Napa Valley vineyard, where family secrets (and family members) don’t stay buried for long,” per the network. The cast included Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives), Hunter Parrish (Weeds) — and Jane the Virgin co-star Ivonne Coll, playing a different role than Jane‘s Alba.

Alas, The CW put Novela back on the shelf in May when it opted not to pick it up to series. But could creator Jennie Snyder Urman see herself telling more stories in Jane’s universe in the form of a different spinoff or even a revival down the road?

“Not really right now,” Urman tells TVLine. “I’m really so happy with having an ending and being able to come to a conclusion. You never know what’ll happen in the future, but I’m really happy to sort of put Jane to bed and tuck it in, wish it a nice sleep, and move to new things.”

“I’m really grateful that I had a chance to tell this story,” Urman continues, “and that we, as writers, got a chance to end it when we felt like the story was ending, and I feel like that’s a great place to leave it.”

Are you disappointed there won’t be another Jane series? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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