Snowpiercer Cast and EP Talk Class Warfare, 'Bug Bars' and Apocalypse Golfing in TBS' Series Adaptation

When Snowpiercer premieres on TBS, pay close attention to the accommodations in the back of the titular, globe-circumnavigating train, says star Daveed Diggs: Things aren’t necessarily what they seem.

“The tail end is essentially stowaways. There’s not much there. So they make a lot out of a little,” he says in the video above. “All the beds are made out of, like, discarded golf clubs that I assume they stole from all the rich people’s luggage?” He laughs incredulously. “Because they thought they were going to play golf in the apocalypse?”

Showrunner Graeme Manson quips: “There’s a pitch-and-putt in First Class.”

If you haven’t seen the 2014 thriller on which the show is based, you need to know that a) Earth has become a frozen and uninhabitable wasteland, b) the only survivors of the snowpocalypse are living on a train that will never stop circling the planet, and c) the locomotive is sectioned off by class, with the well-off living like kings in the front while the poor survive by eating protein-rich “bug bars” near the caboose.

The show also takes place seven years after Earth’s freezing  — instead of 15, like in the movie — which “just makes everybody’s wounds a little fresher,” Manson said. “The world that ended was our world, this world.”

If this all sounds heavy, don’t worry — there were plenty of laughs when Diggs, Manson and cast members Lena Hall, Jennifer Connelly, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner and Steven Ogg stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 interview suite. So, as Connelly says in the interview, “Prepare to brace” and press PLAY on the video above to take a ride with the Snowpiercer passengers.

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