Veronica Mars Season 5: Kristen Bell Poised to Take on... Agatha Christie?!

Veronica Mars Season 5

Kristen Bell was not joking when she told TVLine earlier this month that she planned to keep doing “Veronica Mars until its Murder, She Wrote.” With Hulu’s fourth season barely a week old, series creator Rob Thomas reveals that he’s already cautiously, optimistically looking ahead to a possible Season 5.

“I have a couple ideas in my head, one of which is very Agatha Christie-[esque],” he shares. “It won’t be this exactly, but some version of Murder in a Manor House. Something that is so explicitly detective-y… I want to really lean into that we are a detective show… I feel like Season 4 was the bridge season, to take us from half soap opera/half mystery show to full detective/mystery show.”

Although Hulu has yet to officially renew Veronica Mars for a fifth season, Thomas says there have been some very preliminary discussions. “They have checked mine and Kristen’s availability moving forward,” he notes. “Bottom line: If we do good numbers for Hulu, we will be doing more [seasons] for Hulu. I think they really like the show. But I also think that they need to see that people are watching it.”

For his part, Thomas says Hulu has been an incredible partner. “I can say it was a really fun Season 4 because Hulu was digging what we did,” he says. “When a network is liking what you’re turning in it makes for a pleasant experience. And they have been incredibly enthusiastic.”

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