The Rook Stars Talk Myfanwy's Puzzling Name, the Bechdel Test and That Hive-Mind Makeout Session

If you’ve watched an episode of Starz’s supernatural drama The Rook, you already know that Emma Greenwell‘s character’s name — Myfanwy — rhymes with “Tiffany.” But you might not know exactly why, and Greenwell was happy to explain when she stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 interview suite.

We won’t go into the specifics here (click on the video above to get a full understanding of why the character foregoes the traditional pronunciation) but we will prepare you: Greenwell’s explanation kicked off a bit of silliness among co-stars Olivia Munn and Joely Richardson. Accents were bandied about. Giggles ensued.

The actresses’ levity was something they don’t get to indulge in much on The Rook, which follows a super-secret branch of the British government that handles matters of Extreme Variant Abilities — or EVAs for short. The series is loosely based on Daniel O’Malley’s novel of the same name, but it’s a “more realistic and gritty, no-dragons” take on the story, Richardson pointed out.

“They took the source material and the idea and the world and did a spinoff of that,” Munn added.

A new sizzle reel released during the show’s Comic-Con panel hinted that the recent kiss between Myfanwy and Rook Gestalt wouldn’t be their last romantic interaction. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch that video.) So, naturally, we quizzed Greenwell on hooking up with a four-person hive mind.

Remember how one of the Gestalt members nearly flipped a car during the kiss? “It’s the first time that something physical has affected them in that way, and that’s the power that Myfanwy has over them,” Greenwell said. “They get to it. Keep watching.”

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