Kristen Bell Weighs In on Veronica Mars' Dark Twist, Warns: 'We Are the New Game of Thrones' (Watch Video)

When the Veronica Mars cast bounded into TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite over the weekend, I wasted no time calling out the dearly departed elephant in the room. And said elephant was braced for impact.

“Oh, God,” Jason Dohring sighed as I began to ask my first question, knowing full well that I was about to grill him and his co-stars about the death of his beloved alter ego, Logan Echolls, in the show’s Season 4 finale. After the actor reiterated much of what he shared with me in a phone interview we conducted earlier that week (read that Q&A here), the focus shifted to Kristen Bell‘s reaction to the heartbreaking death, which leaves her titular character a widow ahead of a possible Season 5.

“I was taken aback,” Bell admitted to me about her initial reaction to the dark twist, before adding that she immediately worried about the safety of the man who (essentially) engineered the explosion that felled Logan — series creator Rob Thomas. “My first thought was, [Is Rob] going to be safe? Because people will have very strong feelings about this. And I did not think that anyone would see it coming. Because we are not a show that kills [major characters] very often.”

Ultimately, Bell understood the thinking behind the controversial curveball. “A story is only interesting because there is conflict,” she conceded. “There’s nothing interesting about perfection. You want to see someone struggle… And you want Veronica in the underdog position.”

Press PLAY above as Bell and her cast mates reflect on the loss of their co-star and the repercussions for the show moving forward. And yes, watch as Bell warns Veronica fans that Neptune is the new Westeros.