Good Place Cast Teases Series Finale: 'The Ending Is Worth It' — Plus: Could There Be a Spinoff? (Watch Video)

If there’s one thing that the creator of The Good Place knows how to do, it’s resist temptation. So, although Michael Schur is pleased as punch that the show just received its first Emmy nod for Outstanding Comedy Series, he isn’t about to reverse his decision to stick a fork in it at the end of Season 4 (which begins Thursday, Sept. 26).

“The recognition is lovely,” he said Saturday when he and his cast passed through TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 video suite. “But the show was going to last this long regardless of whether that ever happened. It was just the right thing.”

What’s more, leading lady Kristen Bell promised TVLine president Michael Ausiello that they were doing the right thing the right way. Mere days away from starting work on the finale, she swore that the series’ wrap-up would be “satisfying. This ending is worth it.”

The gang then went on to offer up details about the last episode that were as elaborate as they were tongue-in-cheek (you might want to refer to this gallery after watching), Tahani’s portrayer Jameela Jamil revealed what was her “favorite day of filming of the whole show,” and Schur pondered the possibility of a spinoff. “I would never rule anything out,” he said.

To listen in on the whole interview — including Bell sizing up “the biggest test Eleanor’s ever taken” — press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments. Do you think Schur is right — the show really shouldn’t go on past Season 4?