Superstore Cast Previews Season 5, Mateo's Fate, Amy and Jonah's Future: 'We'll Get Somewhere'

America Ferrera understands why Superstore fans might have been taken aback by Season 4’s finale, in which Nico Santos’ Mateo was hauled away in handcuffs by ICE. “They didn’t know how funny deportation could be,” she cracked during a visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 video suite. “But our writers saw the potential.”

All kidding aside, Ferrera, Santos and their castmates do address the fate of Cloud 9’s undocumented employee in their sit-down with TVLine president Michael Ausiello. “I am back for Season 5,” Santos admitted. But “then I get hit by a meteor and die.” OK, so maybe not all kidding aside.

Later during the interview, Ausiello suggested to Ferrera another Ugly Betty reunion — one that could do wonders for Mateo’s love life; the actress pondered Amy’s future as a store manager now that she’s backing unionization; and she and Ben Feldman promised that Season 5 of the NBC comedy (kicking off Thursday, Sept. 26) would be a biggie for central lovebirds Amy and Jonah. Their relationship, said Ferrera, “is going to play a big part… We’ll get somewhere.”

To check out the whole Q&A — and to find out how long the gang thinks the show can go — press PLAY on the video above. Then hit the comments: How will Team Cloud 9 manage to keep Mateo in the country?