Evil Creators Robert and Michelle King Talk Horror, Mike Colter's Sexiness and Julianna Margulies' Good Fight Future

Evil creators Robert and Michelle King agree: Mike Colter, who stars on their CBS thriller (debuting Thursday, Sept. 26), is so hot, it’s scary. “He’s like a planet of geographical sexiness,” exclaimed Robert when the marrieds stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite Thursday. So naturally, they were elated when Colter’s Luke Cage was cancelled. “Thank you, Netflix! Thank you, Disney!”

Mind you, the couple wasn’t just sitting down with TVLine president Michael Ausiello to discuss Colter’s considerable attributes, they were eager to discuss their new series, which, it turned out, was a long, long time coming. “It’s a continuation of a conversation that Robert and I have been having for the last 30 years,” said Michelle, “about where does evil come from. We have a different point of view about it.” On the show, those opposing perspectives are represented by Katja Herbers psychologist Kristen Bouchard and Colter’s David Acosta, an “assessor” for the Catholic church.

During the Kings’ conversation with Ausiello, talk eventually turns from the trick to making horror actually horrifying to their CBS All Access drama, The Good Fight. And not only do the duo offer a glimmer of hope for Maia (“She’s still alive,” noted Michelle), they weigh in on the possibility of Julianna Margulies finally bringing Alicia Florrick to the Good Wife spinoff.

To check out the whole interview, press PLAY on the video above. Then hit the comments. Do you think Evil sounds good? Do you think The Good Fight needs an Alicia appearance?