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The Walking Dead Poised to Give Negan a 'Get Out of Jail Free!' Card During Season 10's Whisperers War

the-walking-dead-negan out of jail season 10 whisperers war

Would The Walking Dead really turn loose Glenn and Abraham’s killer? It sure sounds like that’s in the cards for Season 10 of the AMC drama.

“We had a whole year with [Negan] in his cell,” showrunner Angela Kang reminds Entertainment Weekly. And following his Season 9 rescue of Michonne’s daughter Judith and Daryl’s dog Dog, “we’re dealing with the next stage of what things are for” the Saviors’ former leader.

“I think for people who have been wanting us to release Negan,” she adds, “there will be some satisfaction there.”

Our feelings on the subject of Negan’s redemption are well-documented (and have been heavily debated among viewers). Nonetheless, the villain is poised to play a key role in Season 10’s conflict with Samantha Morton’s Alpha and the walker-skin-wearing Whisperers — especially if his arc adheres to the story in Robert Kirkman’s comic books.

At least Kang acknowledges that, despite Negan’s changes for the better, he’s still not rocking a halo or anything. “He’s not the hero,” she says. “He’s, at best, an antihero. There’s definitely darkness and an edge to him.”

What do you think, TWD fans? Are you cool with Negan being sprung from his cell? Or would you prefer that he rot there for what he did to Glenn and Abraham (for starters)?

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