Big Little Lies: Did Shailene Woodley Just Drop a Huge Season 2 Finale Spoiler?

Big Little Lies Season 2 Finale

Appearing as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Big Little Lies‘ Shailene Woodley appeared to offer up a fairly massive spoiler about this Sunday’s Season 2 finale.

In lieu of an actual clip from the episode, Woodley told Kimmel that HBO gave her permission to reveal the following: “In the beginning of the [finale]… all the women go to visit Perry’s grave, and his body’s missing. So there you go. Thats the beginning of the next episode, so you still have an hour to figure out….”

The official finale sneak peek that HBO released late Sunday does not hint at the graveyard twist. Is it possible Woodley was joking? Instead, the aforementioned promo teases the following…

* Celeste gasping while looking at an iPad — old video of Perry, perhaps? — while Madeline says, “I can just see the damage that it’s done… it’s eroding every single one of us.” (And “it” is the lie she pushed everyone into sticking to, right? Is she considering taking the fall for everyone?)

* Mary Louise declaring in accusatory fashion, “You were a part of this… who knows what I haven’t seen?” Could she spring some new information about her son’s death on Celeste while she’s on the stand?

* Bonnie and Nathan watching doctors wheel her mother out of her hospital room. Is she dead? Or did she recover… enough to remember Bonnie’s full confession?

* Celeste leaning on Madeline, and watching Mary Louise hug her boys in court, while Madeline says: “You can’t falter here… you hear me?”

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