The 100 Sneak Peek: Which Beloved Character Is About to Die Next?

No one is ever really “safe” on The 100, but this clip from Tuesday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c) has us worrying about some of our favorites like never before.

“You really messed up,” Raven tells Murphy in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, something of which he’s already painfully aware. “Look, I know you’re scared to die. Everyone is. But if you want to avoid hell, the answer’s not immortality — it’s morality.” (Look at Reverend Raven, coming through with some straight-up philosophy over here.)

That fleeting moment of mild optimism is quickly brushed aside upon the arrival of another familiar face — one Madi says she should have killed when she had the chance. (Sheesh, can’t we all just get along?)

As for what the rest of this episode has in store for us, the official synopsis feels intentionally vague: “Russell seeks justice. Meanwhile, Gabriel must make a difficult choice. Lastly, the Blake siblings reunite.” (OK, that last one is actually long overdue.)

Only a few episodes remain in The 100‘s sixth season, which has already claimed the lives of Zeke and Kane — and that last one counts twice, as his body and mind experienced two individual deaths — so let’s all just keep our fingers crossed and our candles lit.

Hit PLAY on the video above for an exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday’s episode, then drop a comment with your thoughts below: Which character(s) are you most worried about?

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