The View Poll: Pick Your All-Time 'Dream Team' of Five Cohosts

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ABC’s The View has cycled through 11 different combinations of cohosts across its 22-year-run. But out of the nearly two dozen total cohosts who have passed through the daytime talker’s Upper West Side studios over the decades (and in turn been witness to turnovers both rote and downright raucous), who were your favorites?

Or, more specifically: Which five (5) from any “era” — presumably operating at their prime — would you pick to populate your own “dream team” panel of full-time cohosts?

Heading into Season 23 (premiering this September), The View will again team mainstay Joy Behar (who has only missed two seasons since the series’ launch) with Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Abby Huntsman and (for now, at least) Meghan McCain. Among all daytime talk shows and news programs (24 total), it last season ranked No. 4 in total viewership (behind Dr. Phil, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Live With Kelly and Ryan). And in a recent TVLine survey, it only trailed Ellen and The Price Is Right among favorite daytime programs.

But what does your perfect View look like? Who is your moderator? Your acerbic cut-up? Your conservative voice(s)? The peppy young’un? Review the list of all-time cohosts below and pick your favorite five. Then, in Comments, share your “Dream Team” and see how other readers’ picks shaped up.

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