One Day at a Time EP: Airing Weekly in an Election Year, We Can Better React to a White House That 'Vilifies' Latinos

One day at a Time Trump Immigration

Freshly rescued by a cable network, One Day at a Time will not only now see a Season 4, but also enjoy the benefit of being a bit more timely with its messages — and during the year of a presidential election, no less.

That’s because unlike Netflix, where all episodes of a season need to be taped and then go through post-production ahead of an all-at-once release, Season 4’s 13 episodes will air weekly on Pop, and thus land a little closer to real-life events.

“It’s very interesting because instead of binged at once, we are going to come out once-a-week and will be able to be a little closer to when things will be happening,” co-showrunner Mike Royce told our sister site Deadline. “Will still of course will be producing it well ahead of the events that are happening, but that will be a new experience to have the timing of it.”

And as co-showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett notes, these times could not be more relevant to ODAAT‘s Alvarez family.

“We love this type of storytelling in a Norman Lear fashion, about this family, especially right now when the Latinx community is still pretty vilified in the press by the administration,” the EP told Deadline. “To be able to put something forward that is positive and hopeful about a Latin immigrant family doing right in America seems important.”

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