Double Shot at Love Finale: Were You Surprised by That Last-Minute Twist?

Double Shot At Love Finale

While you were watching the Democratic Presidential Debates on Thursday, deciding which candidate you trust with the future of our country, the boys of MTV’s Double Shot at Love faced an equally important decision. After 12 episodes of intense GTL — in this case, the “T” stands for “tears” — DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino each had to pick one lucky(?) lady to date exclusively.

Atop the final hour, Nikki Hall and Derynn Paige remained in the running for Pauly’s heart (which probably has a tiny six pack of its own), while Elle Wilson and Alysse Joyner were both hoping to avoid Vinny’s last cab ride. And just when the foursome thought it had already faced its toughest critics, along came the guys’ moms (with Vinny’s legendary Uncle Nino in tow!) to pass judgment on their potential daughters-in-law.

“If our moms find out some major red flags here, that’s a big deal, and that’s going to influence my decision,” Pauly explained. But rather than letting this rattle her, as most of the women did, Derynn chose to focus her energy on a slightly more affable target. “I’m definitely Uncle Nino’s type,” she said with an uncomfortable amount of confidence. “If he’s here, I’ve got this in the bag.” (Shocker: Derynn was, in fact, picked out by Uncle Nino as the one lady he might actually have a shot with.)

The family members’ visit was, as expected, a total disaster — from the moms judging Elle for wearing white in the kitchen (the unpardonable sin!) to Uncle Nino asking the women whether Pauly or Vinny “tastes better.” Frankly, we’re not sure it cleared anything up. Either way, time was up, and decisions had to be made.

Unlike Pauly, who seems ready to find a stepmother for his child, Vinny took a surprisingly level-headed approach to the final elimination: “I’m a realist. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m in love. That should mean a lot to you. But I will say that leaving this house we’ll be in a crazy, expedited starting point to find love.”

Vinny was the first to announce his choice, sending Elle home in favor of Alysse. “I’m, like, in shock,” Elle said. “I swear. It’s weird. I thought he was joking at first. It was just… weird. Like, what just happened? I’m definitely heartbroken. I thought we had an effortless connection. We could have had a great thing.”

Of course, Elle was hardly the only contestant whose evening took an unexpected turn. Next, Pauly blindsided Derynn by choosing Nikki, prompting this instantly classic response: “I’m so much hotter than her and nicer than her. Does any of this make sense to anyone?” (Keep an eye out for that gem in TVLine’s Quotes of the Week on Sunday.)

But Nikki’s victory was short-lived, as Pauly explained that her feelings for him were a little too intense. And in his defense, she recently said, “After tonight, no one can tell me how to be with him, or not to kiss him. Like, I could do whatever the f–k I want with him, because he’d be mine.” (There’s that red flag he was worried about!)

“The feelings you carry, that didn’t happen for me,” Pauly told Nikki. “As much as it kills me to say this, I’m rolling solo for now.” In other words, he pulled a reversal of what Kristy Morgan did to Tila Tequila during A Shot at Love II — a twist that still irks us 12 years later.

OK, let’s talk: Do you think Vinny and Alysse have a bright future ahead of them? Were you surprised by Pauly’s decision to, ahem, roll solo? And would you watch a second season that continues Pauly’s journey to romance? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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