Animal Kingdom Recap: Laid, Played and Betrayed — Plus, [Spoiler]'s Back!

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s Animal Kingdom. If the episode had a favorite song, it would be “The Twist.”

Tuesday’s Animal Kingdom suggested that the Cody boys would soon be waxing nostalgic about the comforts of the frying pan, because the episode certainly made it look like they were headed straight for the fire. Read on, and we’ll discuss the many and varied ways that “Reap” turned up the heat…

animal-kingdom-recap-season-4-episode-5-reap-pope-angela-sex‘EVERYBODY DIES, BABY’ | In our 1970s flashbacks, Janine’s presence in Manny’s gang continued to sow dissension. But if she wasn’t yet holding all the cards, she was sure picking ’em up as fast as she could. She even had the balls to question Manny’s assertion that she was only still with them because he said she could be. In the present, Pope was told by Smurf’s doctor — at her request — that she had cancer. “What about my brothers?” he asked after taking her home. “What are you gonna tell them?” Nothing, she replied. “And neither are you.” (Yeah, guess it had been a few minutes since Smurf last came up with a new way to control and manipulate her eldest son.) Inside the house, Smurf picked a fight with Angela that gave her an excuse to make Pope reiterate that he wanted her to stay. Later, Smurf guessed that Pope was on edge because of her potentially fatal condition. “You think I care?” he shot back. “The day you die will be the happiest day of my life.” Off that exchange, he sought out Angela, and when he found himself unable to speak, she kissed him… he kissed her back… and before we knew it, Smurf was listening at the bedroom door as they consummated what I think we all know is destined to be a tragic relationship.

Speaking of disastrous affairs, J approached Mia with a pistol in his pants and made his bad situation worse by threatening her. Unimpressed — did he really expect her to be? — she coolly asked if his family was aware of all his secret side hustles and wondered aloud what might happen were they to become aware. Oh, J. That was some Craig-caliber boneheadedness. In other relationship developments, Deran and Adrian were kinda-sorta on the rocks, though neither of them would really admit it to the other. First, Deran leaned on Jack to sponsor Adrian but not involve him in illegal activities. Then, when the surfer returned to Oceanside after winning a match for a change, he had to seek out his boyfriend to ask why he was being distant. “I know you’ve been moving s— for Jack,” Deran admitted. (Oh, if he only knew… ) In no time, the confrontation had turned into an issue of Adrian living off Deran’s money, staying at Deran’s house, drinking at Deran’s bar… Finally, Adrian made it about the fact that he’d won, and Deran couldn’t just be happy for him for 10 seconds. “I’m proud of you,” Deran said. And if they hadn’t been embracing at that moment, he would’ve noticed that the pressure of Adrian’s predicament had reduced him to tears.

animal-kingdom-recap-season-4-episode-5-reap-pope-angela-sex‘CAN WE NOT TALK ABOUT PARENTS?’ | When not all but demanding that Mia put a bullet in his head, J got together with Olivia at her mother’s palatial apartment to study. Literally, study. Hours later, when he still hadn’t made a move, Olivia asked, “Are you a virgin, Josh?” Because if he had ever had sex, “I truly don’t know how that happened.” In response, he kissed her, and the two of them were stripping down so fast that… oh, my. They didn’t even hear mom Meredith coming in with her assistant Sophia until the women had gotten quite an eyeful. Not that Meredith was fazed. Upon being introduced to J, she said, “The pleasure is all mine. Well, not all mine, apparently.” The following morning, when J left Olivia’s bedroom, he found Meredith working on an artist-amenities inventory for an upcoming show. Top-drawer talent had crazy demands, she explained. To the tune of $1.5M for this show. Say, she went on, completely misreading the dollar signs in J’s eyes, she was always looking for smart help, if he wanted to pitch in. Ding-ding-ding! J had clearly found the Codys’ next job.

Things were going significantly worse for Craig. When he met with Frankie, she gave him $150k less than they’d agreed on and a story about how Raoul needed time to come up with the balance but had promised them more lucrative work and… Yeah, no way in hell was even Craig gonna swallow that bull. “Don’t step over dollars to pick up dimes,” Frankie beseeched him. But the Codys would never work for that guy again. They were professionals, and “professionals get paid.” Snap. That night, Renn reassured him that he didn’t need to worry about looking like an a—hole when he had to come clean to his family. “Your brothers already know you’re an a—hole, so you’re fine,” she said. Ah, but he wasn’t. Not in the least. Ticked off — and needing the Codys to keep working for her — Frankie swung by Smurf’s house and gave her an unexpected cut of the job her boys had just done. Though Smurf was clearly keeping the loot, she was pissed. Craig should’ve told Frankie, his mother hissed, that it’s always better to approach her for permission than forgiveness.

‘YOU WENT AGAINST EVERYTHING I TAUGHT YOU!’ | At Craig’s place, things were starting to seem like old times for him and Renn. Well, except for the fact that she had a baby growing inside of her, as he put it, like an alien. “My feet hurt, I’m very horny, and all I wanna eat is Skittles,” she said. And as he rubbed her feet, it looked like he might be about to help take care of another of her problems, too — and he didn’t have any Skittles. If only he didn’t have to go to lunch at Smurf’s. Did she wanna go? “Oh, hell no,” she replied. Smart move, since it turned out that what Smurf really wanted to rake over the coals at her barbecue was the boys. Without ratting out Frankie, Smurf demanded her cut of their recent job by midnight the following day. “Is that gonna be a problem?” she asked, pouring salt in the wound. “’Cause word on the street is you got shorted.” As the guys left, a fight broke out between Craig and Pope, who the former assumed had blabbed to Mommy. Once a few punches had been thrown, the boys took off to get their money from Raoul by causing him to wipe out his bike and stealing his watch. “Pay your bills, s—head!” grumbled Craig before leaving Richie Rich in the road with a busted leg.

At the DEA’s offices, Adrian learned that the light he saw at the end of the tunnel was actually a fast-approaching train. Not only was immunity not on the table for him, just a reduced sentence (if he was lucky), but a state detective wanted to ask him some questions. That wasn’t part of Adrian’s deal, though… ! Wait — it got worse: The detective was Pearce, the one who was so extremely chagrined in Season 3 that Smurf had slipped through his fingers before he could convince her to turn on her boys! Finally, Tupi attacked J as he left the bowling alley for the night. J was fine afterwards, but should he really have needed a beatdown to know better than to get in a pissing contest with a stone-cold killer like Mia? J, J, J! So, what did you think of “Reap”? Pope and Angela’s hookup? Craig and Frankie’s “breakup”? And is there any way that Adrian can get out of the mess he’s in with a pulse? Hit the comments.

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