GLOW: The Ladies Take a Major Gamble on Vegas in Season 3 Trailer — Watch

Don’t be fooled by the bright lights and feathered costumes that hold the Las Vegas Strip together: Underneath, there’s a whole lotta heartache and regret, at least for GLOW‘s titular wrestlers.

Netflix has released a full-length trailer for the dramedy’s third season, which brings the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling to Sin City for a residency at the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino. If you watch only the trailer’s first 45 seconds, it would seem the ladies’ time in Vegas is going swimmingly, with strong attendance at the wrestling shows and plenty of downtime for drinking and blackjack.

But the initial thrill of their new gig wears off quickly, leaving Ruth, Debbie and the rest of the gals to work through some real problems. “I have a job. I have a boyfriend. And somehow, I still feel lost,” Ruth confides to Debbie in the video above. Of course, Ruth’s current crisis isn’t helped by the fresh awkwardness between her and Sam, after she abruptly put the brakes on any potential romance between them in Season 2. (“I don’t want to ruin what we have,” she then asserts to him in the trailer.)

Elsewhere in the trailer, Debbie struggles with the distance from her son, Bash juggles his passion for the show with a potential new love interest and Cherry worries that the girls “can’t grin and bear” their Vegas engagement for another nine months.

There’s also a few glimpses of guest star Geena Davis, who will play entertainment director Sandy Devereaux St. Clair in five of the season’s 10 episodes.

GLOW returns Friday, Aug. 9 on Netflix. Press PLAY above to watch the full trailer, then drop a comment with your hopes for Season 3!

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