TVLine Podcast: Dream Emmy Nominee William Jackson Harper Breaks Down Chidi's Heroic Good Place Sacrifice (and Surprisingly Ripped Bod)

The Good Place William Jackson Harper Chidi

Season 3 of The Good Place found William Jackson Harper’s Chidi at his absolute lowest… and Harper at his absolute best.

NBC’s afterlife comedy put poor Chidi through the wringer, first by sending him into a hilariously nihilistic spiral when he learned his carefully constructed ethical worldview was pointless, and then by having him erase his memories — including his romance with Eleanor — in a valiant bid to save humanity. After an ordeal like that, we just had to reach out to Harper to chat about all things Chidi in the latest installment of TVLine’s Dream Emmy Podcast series.

The fourth (and final!) season will open with a memory-wiped Chidi having no recollection of his time with Eleanor, but Harper tells us he has faith they can still rekindle things. “Obviously, there’s something there that sort of keeps bringing them back, cosmically or energetically,” he muses. “I think they can survive a million different reboots.” (He also drops a couple of juicy, if vague, hints about what’s on tap for Season 4, teasing that “there is a journey that this whole squad is on… that Chidi is not on.”)

While we had him, we also had to ask him about Chidi’s memorable meltdown… and the surprisingly buff body he revealed when he took his shirt off. Harper admits that he adhered to “a very specific, clean-eating, very rigid workout” routine to get ready to film that episode, in hopes of gaining a “featureless,” “Ken-like” physique. (By the way, marshmallow Peep chili tastes like “trash,” he confirms.)

Also in the podcast, Harper opens up about his career struggles before landing his Good Place role, confesses how many times the show’s twists and turns have surprised him, talks about the wonders of working with Ted Danson and names his own dream Emmy contenders, including HBO’s Barry and Hulu’s PEN15. (Note: This interview was recorded before it was announced that next season will be The Good Place‘s final season.)

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