The 100's Richard Harmon Reacts to Josephine's Possible Crush on Murphy: 'Yeah, I Was Wondering About That...'

The 100 Season 6

The 100‘s sixth season has been a parade of surprises, but be honest — has any moment thrown you for more of a loop than hearing Clarke say, “That Murphy is kind of cute”?

To be fair, context is pretty important here: Clarke’s body is currently being piloted by a centuries-old lunatic named Josephine. And even though “Murphine” has formed somewhat of an uneasy alliance, it doesn’t sound like fans should expect that relationship to develop any further.

“Yeah, I was wondering about that,” Richard Harmon tells TVLine with a laugh. “I don’t think this is a spoiler, but I don’t think that storyline would ever take top billing on this show. We’ll see if they ever bring that up again, or if it was just a one-time little note.”

Ahead of tonight’s new episode (The CW, 9/8c), Harmon answers more of TVLine’s burning questions, including whether his new gig on Syfy’s Van Helsing will impact Murphy’s future on The 100:

TVLINE | Part of me is surprised that this interview is even happening. I kind of thought Murphy would be dead by now.
[Laughs] You and I both.

TVLINE | How has he not pissed off the wrong person yet?
Oh, I’m sure Murphy has already pissed off many of the wrong people. He’s just always seemed to wiggle his way out.

TVLINE | So you’re also surprised? 
Yeah, and there are two ways to look at it: In this business, I feel very lucky to have made it this far on a show like this with a character like this. As Richard thinking about Richard being employed on a great show, yes, I’m surprised. [Laughs] I’m also pretty surprised as an audience member that Murphy is still alive. But he’s a great character to have, this dude that always seems to make it through no matter what.

TVLINE | “No matter what” apparently also includes agreeing to help Josephine. Do we think that was a smart move?
I think it’s a move we’re not sure about yet. I also don’t know if it was smart or dumb — it was just the only move he could make in this situation, unless he wanted to be brave. And dead. He’s on their home planet, he’s locked up with them and she gave him this massive secret. What’s he going to do, say no? He’d be as good as dead, and Murphy doesn’t play that game.

TVLINE | Every season of this show feels like a mini reboot, but this season almost feels like a different show. How have you handled all of the changes?
I loved them. We don’t talk about the show necessarily as a reboot every season, but the writers always do such a lovely job of switching things up. If you look at each season, they’re all really quite different, and this one is the closest to a full-on reboot. It’s been a lot of fun seeing these characters in a totally new environment.

TVLINE | Especially Murphy and not-Clarke.
Yeah. Eliza and I are very close, and we talk about working together all the time, but we don’t really get to very often. When we do, we enjoy it. We were very glad to actually get to play with each other this year.

TVLINE | I actually kind of really like Josephine.
I love Josephine! And I love what Eliza does with her. That’s what’s so incredible. And shout-out to Sara Thompson, who played the original Josephine. She’s great.

TVLINE | We’re approaching the midpoint of the season. What can we expect from here?
Well, we have rebooted the show, but it’s still our show. So the first half of the season is us meddling with chaos, and in the second half, you can expect what you should always expect on The 100: complete and utter chaos.

TVLINE | Lastly, you recently joined the cast of Van Helsing. Jordan Bolger was the last person on The 100 to get another gig, and we saw what happened to Zeke. Should we be worried?
You know what they say: loose lips breach contracts. So I’ve got nothing to say.

TVLINE | Ah yes, that classic rhyme.
[Laughs] I believe that everyone knows it. I don’t believe that I paraphrased it at all. My lips are sealed.

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