TVLine Podcast: Dream Emmy Nominee Susan Kelechi Watson Revisits Epic This Is Us Brawl, Beth's 'Kind of Perfect' Dance Ep, Flash-Forward Fierceness

This Is Us Susan Kelechi Watson Interview Season 3 Podcast

This Is Us‘ Beth-centric Season 3 episode was a gorgeous celebration of refusing to give up on one’s dreams. It was an opportunity for series star Susan Kelechi Watson to weave her own love of and history with dance into the tapestry of Beth’s backstory.

It was also a heck of a lot of hard work.

“Let’s be real about it,” Watson says, smiling as she and TVLine Managing Editor Kimberly Roots talk about her physical preparation for “Our Little Island Girl.” Months of four-times-a-week ballet rehearsal. Patience when her body wasn’t immediately able to perform moves that had come as second nature during her teens and early 20s. And then… “Things started to sink in,” the actress recalls. “I realized that dance is really muscle memory… and [my body] will do it again.” She laughs, adding the caveat, “It may not do it the way it used to!”

Watson is our guest for the first of this year’s TVLine Podcasts dedicated to our Dream Emmy nominees. And when she recently stopped by our New York City offices, we picked her brain about anything and everything related to This Is Us‘ third season, starting with that blowout argument Beth and Randall had in their bedroom in Episode 17. (At one very specific point in the scene, “You knew that it was going down,” she says — but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out exactly what she means.)

Other topics covered include what Beth’s next challenge might be in the upcoming Season 4, a detail Watson really digs about the show’s mysterious flash-forward and the nickname she uses for on-screen hubby Sterling K. Brown.

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