Swamp Thing's Swift Cancellation Remains Murky for EP James Wan, Who Urges Fans to Watch All Episodes

Why Swamp Thing Cancelled

If you were hoping for one of Swamp Thing‘s executive producers to clear things up about the live-action series’ cancellation after just one “airing,” you’re out of luck.

James Wan — who serves as an EP on the DC Universe series alongside Mark Verheiden, Gary Dauberman, Michael Clear and Len Wiseman — wrote on Instagram this weekend that he does not “really know or understand why” Swamp Thing was cancelled.

First announced more than 13 months ago, Swamp Thing made its premiere on the upstart streaming service on May 31, only to have its swamp veritably drained six days later. An initial report that some sort of paperwork error slashed the expected tax credits from North Carolina, where it films, was ultimately snuffed. Since then, the presiding theory is that the DC Universe service’s overall purpose is being “reevaluated” now that WarnerMedia’s own, much, much larger streaming platform, is on track to launch later this year. Perhaps DC Universe’s original series (including but by no means limited to Titans and Doom Patrol) will one day call WarnerVision (as I choose to dub the yet-to-be-named streaming service) home? But again, that is just me spitballing.

Wan’s Instagram message went on to champion those who brought Swampy to life (and to a 92% Fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes).

“[A]ll the cast and crew, and producing/writing team poured their hearts into this. Really proud of everyone’s hard work,” he said, before inviting fans to watch each of and thus “immortalize these 10 episodes,” releasing weekly every Friday through the Aug. 2 finale. “Swampy deserves it.”

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