Supernatural Stars Ponder Final Season's Possible Returns (Azazel?! Adam?!), Castiel's Deal — WATCH

The past is coming back to haunt the Winchesters: Following Supernatural‘s doozy of a Season 14 finale, a bevy of foes — and even a family member — could be getting an invitation to reappear during the CW drama’s farewell run.

“The fact that God just said, ‘Fine, open up the gates of Hell, open up the gates of Heaven. You guys figure it out,’ really tees us up to go anywhere,” star Jensen Ackles tells TVLine in the video above. “I also think it tees us up to have… a lot of familiar faces and favorite characters kind of come back into the fray. That’s kind of what I’m hoping for.”

Among the characters Ackles would like to see again: Adam (played by Jake Abel) aka the third Winchester brother who was trapped in the cage in Hell. There’s also an iconic Big Bad from Supernatural‘s early days who is now free to roam Earth. Asked if Yellow Eyes/Azazel will return to torment the demon hunters, Jared Padalecki enthuses, “That’d be awesome! [Fredric Lehne is] an amazing actor.” (We’ll happily take a consulting credit for that idea, if you do, indeed, pass it along to the writers, Jared.)

In addition to all the creatures and monsters they’ve sent to Hell now being freed, Dean, Sam and Castiel have an Almighty problem: God has gone to the dark side, which is “a very exciting move, partly because it makes me wonder if we will incur the wrath of God in the real world for this blasphemy,” Misha Collins jokes. Something that’s not a laughing matter? Cas’ deal to save Jack’s life, which could one day cost the angel his life.

Press PLAY above to watch Collins ponder Cas’ fate. Plus, find out why Padalecki loves Season 1’s “Skin,” and what Ackles is most excited for going into the 15th and final season (airing Thursdays at 8/7c this fall).