New Amsterdam's Ryan Eggold Talks Max and Helen: Are the Colleagues More Than Just Friends?

New Amsterdam Max/Helen

When it comes to New Amsterdam colleagues/friends Max and Helen, one could argue that there are bigger things to discuss than a possible romantic relationship between the pair. After all, the Season 1 finale ended on a huge cliffhanger, with Helen’s whereabouts unknown after a horrific accident involving the ambulance she was riding in. But that doesn’t mean that we can ignore whatever it was that was going on between the docs before that crash. So what are the nature of Max and Helen’s feelings for each other?

“I don’t know exactly what it is,” star Ryan Eggold told TVLine ahead of the season ender. “I know that they respect something in the other and are sort of fascinated by something in the other. Whether that takes the course of friendship or professional colleagues or romantic partners or confidants, whatever form it takes, I don’t know. … But I sort of like that about their relationship, that not every relationship is totally black and white. We all know people that mean a little more to us, or we have just an interesting, very specific particular relationship to, and she’s one of those people.”

While Eggold is still figuring out Max and Helen’s connection, he is certain of one thing: “I do know that Max loves his wife and is faithful to her,” the actor affirms. “I don’t think he would ever cheat on his wife or have some extramarital affair.”

But is it possible that Max has feelings for both women, or at the very least is confused about what he feels for Helen? “Very much so. I think that’s very possible,” Eggold says. “I think we always like to believe that life and love, particularly romance itself, is so binary, it’s so black and white. But yeah, we have big hearts, and we’re capable of feeling a lot for a lot of people, and what you end up calling that is hard to say. So I agree, it’s very possible that that could be the case.”

New Amsterdam returns to NBC this fall, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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