Game of Thrones: Bran Stark Is the New Leader of Westeros — Yes, Really

Game of Thrones Bran Wins Iron Throne King Season 8 Series Finale

On Sunday, Game of Thrones really gave the bird — the Three-Eyed Raven, to be precise — to everyone who’d backed Jon Snow, Daenerys or any other number of plausible candidates for the Iron Throne.

The HBO series’ final episode included a big shocker: The new ruler of Westeros was Bran Stark, Ned and Catelyn’s crippled youngest child who had come to believe he was the latest incarnation of an all-knowing greenseer.

How did the most coveted seat in the realm go to someone who seemed highly uninterested in most of what happens on the mortal plane? Well, here’s the quick version (and for a more detailed account, make sure to read our full recap of the finale here).

Bran’s ascension began in the finale when Jon killed Daenerys, who’d moved forward with her plan for world domination by continuing the horrifying violence she perpetrated during the Battle of King’s Landing. With a power vacuum facing the most important post in Westeros, a meeting consisting of several key players — Sansa, Davos and Tyrion among them — decided that the wheelchair-bound teenager should be king, because stories unite people… and who’s got more stories than the guy who can see literally the entirety of human experience?

After he reluctantly accepted his new role, Bran chose Tyrion Lannister as his Hand of the King.

We have a hunch that loyal Thrones viewers will have strong feelings about Bran as the leader of Westeros, so let’s hear ’em! Weigh in on young Stark’s new position via the poll below, then hit the comments: Who did you want to see on the Iron Throne (or what’s left of it)?

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