Grey's Anatomy: The Season of Love's 15 Most Memorable Moments

greys-anatomy-photos season 15 best moments ranked

Now that the fog that rolled in with the finale of Grey’s Anatomy has begun to dissipate, we’re looking back and seeing more clearly the 25 tumultuous episodes that made up the Season of Love. They were doozies, no?

Between the hookups and letdowns, the true confessions and insurance fraud, there was nary a dull moment — and so! Many! Memorable ones!

So, to bridge the gap between Season 15’s conclusion and Season 16’s beginning — why must summers be so damn long?!? — we’re counting down the 15 sexiest, sweetest, saddest scenes of the season that we just finished. Keep in mind, though, that our picks for this list are focused on the series’ regulars. So, although we still get lumps in our throats when we think of, say, Natasha and Garrett’s wedding under the stars or the way Grey Sloan’s female staff lined the hallway to support rape victim Abby, we excluded those moments in favor of ones that kept the spotlight on our principals.

So ready to see our selections? Click on the gallery above to peruse the photos — or go here for direct access — then hit the comments with the moments that you think we should have added to the list.

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