The Blacklist EPs Tease 'Fast-Moving' Finale: The Team Is in 'Great Jeopardy'

The Blacklist Season 6 Finale

Elizabeth Keen will serve as The Blacklist‘s own Obi-Wan Kenobi when tonight’s season finale (NBC, 8/7c) gets underway.

Indeed, Liz will be the task force’s only hope, seeing as Cooper, Ressler and Aram were last seen in handcuffs, courtesy of Anna McMahon.

“One of the fun things in this episode is we start in great jeopardy,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp tells us ahead of the finale. “There’s a lot on Liz’s shoulders. It is now on her to somehow come up with a plan to activate our people again, and try to thwart — or even figure out — what this plot is that Anna McMahon and the president are planning.”

Though the details of Anna’s scheme with President Diaz have yet to be revealed to Blacklist viewers, Bokenkamp says their motives will come to light during the “fast-moving” season ender.

“At the moment, all we know is that the president is supportive of a plot to assassinate the president,” he says with a laugh. “Why would he do that? What is their plan? The ultimate answer that we’re going to unlock is a really surprising one.”

Meanwhile, the season-long arc about Red’s real identity — including what Liz claims to know about who Red is — will also come into play throughout the finale.

Per executive producer John Eisendrath, the episode will “spark new questions” about Red and Liz’s relationship, especially now that Liz believes Red is actually Ilya Koslov.

“The story we’ve told this year, of Liz’s quest to find out Raymond Reddington’s identity — and the answer that Dom gave her in Episode 19 — is one that brings Liz even closer to Raymond Reddington, not farther apart from him,” Bokenkamp adds. “He never liked the idea that she was looking into this, he has made that clear from the beginning… What that portends, going forward, is continued friction on the question of his real identity.”

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