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New Amsterdam Cast Reacts to Finale Twist ('Do I Still Have a Job?!'), Talks Max and Helen's Bond — WATCH

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for the New Amsterdam season finale. Proceed at your own risk!

“Do I still have a job?”

Those were the thoughts of New Amsterdam star Janet Montgomery upon reading the script for the NBC drama’s Season 1 finale. Tuesday’s life-and-death cliffhanger saw the actress’ Dr. Lauren Bloom performing surgery on Max’s pregnant wife Georgia… at home. After successfully delivering baby Luna, Lauren and the new family, plus Dr. Helen Sharpe, all boarded an ambulance to the hospital. All seemed good — until they were sideswiped by a stolen ambulance. The impact of the crash sent Lauren flying through the front windshield, while an unconscious Georgia was wheeled away on a gurney and Helen was nowhere to be seen among the carnage. So who will survive, and who will perish?

“None of us know,” Montgomery tells TVLine in the above video from NBC’s upfront presentation on Monday. “Who knows what’s going to happen next season? What are we coming back to in this aftermath?” (According to the EPs, Montgomery and the rest of the ensemble are truly in the dark.)

Should any one of the three women die, it will have a huge impact on Max, who has close professional and personal ties to each character. “I think Max will be changed as a result of this finale,” leading man Ryan Eggold shares. “It’s one of those life events that I think will shift the way you perceive the world and yourself.”

Speaking of the ladies in Max’s life, just what are the nature of Helen’s feelings for her friend and colleague? “I don’t even know! Sometimes, it seems maternal. Sometimes, it seems paternal,” her portrayer Freema Agyeman says, to which Eggold jokingly cuts in with, “Sometimes, it just seems like pure, sexual magnetism. Just animalistic desire.”

The cast also weighs in on the status of Helen’s relationship with Dr. Panthaki and previews Max’s health prognosis for Season 2.

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