Family Guy's Farewell to Adam West: How Did the Mayor Say Goodbye?

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Nearly two years after the death of Adam West, Sunday’s Family Guy finale bade farewell to the TV legend, who has governed the (mostly) good people of Quahog, R.I. for the duration of the Fox comedy’s 17-season run.

The news was delivered somewhat unceremoniously at the top of the episode, when Lois’ sister joined the family for dinner. Carol mentioned how sad she’s been ever since West’s death, prompting Stewie to look up from his phone and declare, “Wait, Uncle Adam is dead? Sheesh, how many people has this show killed?”

West’s untimely passing resulted in a bitter mayoral race between mortal enemies Brian Griffin and Glenn Quagmire — neither of whom have any business making important decisions for the good of an entire town, though it could be argued that their predecessor set the bar pretty low. (Sorry, my politic beliefs always aligned more closely with Mayor Bee. Free honey for everyone? Hell yeah.)

Mayor West made one last appearance towards the end of the episode, saving both of the candidates from dying in a fiery bus crash. But it turns out neither of them was fit for public office; the episode ended by directing viewers to fox.com/family-guy, where they can allegedly cast their vote for Mayor West’s successor.

Sadly, West isn’t the only character Family Guy has recently killed off due to their voice actor’s real-life passing. Peter’s boss Angela — voiced by the late Carrie Fisher, who died of a heart attack in Dec. 2016 — was laid to rest in an emotional ceremony on a Dec. 2018 episode. As part of Peter’s heartfelt eulogy, it was revealed that Angela’s cause of death was… “swimming less than 20 minutes after she had eaten.” Angela was subsequently replaced at the brewery with characters voiced by Niecy Nash and Bryan Cranston.

Were you surprised by Family Guy’s decision to kill off Mayor West? Grade the eventful season finale below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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