Big Bang Theory Co-Creator Chuck Lorre Confirms a New Spinoff Was Discussed, Ultimately Scrapped — Here's Why

Big Bang Theory co-creator Chuck Lorre considered launching a new, present-day spinoff to succeed the soon-to-depart hit sitcom, but ultimately decided to put quality ahead of commerce.

As reported back in January, CBS entertainment president Kelly Kahl told our sister site Deadline that the network was very much open to expanding the Big Bang universe with a second offshoot (to join prequel series Young Sheldon). “The ball is squarely in their court,” Kahl said of Lorre and studio Warner Bros. “If they want to talk to us about it, we are here to listen.”

Lorre, appearing at Big Bang‘s wrap party last week, explained to TVLine in the above video interview that a solid spinoff conceit failed to materialize. “Unless there was a creative reason to do it — a wonderfully, wonderfully creative reason to do it — than the only reason [to do it] is economics, and that’s not good enough,” he maintained. “This is hard work. And if you’re going to do it, you gotta love what you’re doing; you’ve gotta be passionate about it. And if you’re just chasing money, that’s not enough.”

The sitcom giant also recounted how, at last Tuesday’s final Big Bang taping, he “kind of lost it” when he banged the clapboard and yelled action on the episode’s final scene. “I almost couldn’t do it,” he admitted. “My hands were shaking. I didn’t know that [level of emotion] was coming.

“The show meant something to us,” Lorre continued, fighting back tears. “Everybody who worked on the show cared about the show; nobody phoned it in. And it’s hard to say goodbye that.”

The Big Bang Theory finale is set to air Thursday, May 16 at 8/7c on CBS.