Adam Sandler Hosts SNL: Watch Video of the Best & Worst Sketches

There was a joyous vibe to Adam Sandler’s star-studded Saturday Night Live homecoming, which featured cameos by Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Wiig, as well as a tuneful tribute to Chris Farley (as seen above).

The third-to-last episode of Season 44 was one of its very best. The writers seriously stepped up their game for the return of one of their most beloved alumni, who seemed genuinely thrilled to be back in Studio 8H — and back behind the Weekend Update desk as Opera Man. And in lieu of having Sandler reprise all of his characters, current castmates paid homage to their predecessor with some of their own impressions in one of the very best sketches of the year.

Sandler hit all the right notes as he reprised this fan-favorite character and sang about “hands-on” presidential hopeful Joe Biden (“Gropa gropa, sniffa sniffa”), Attorney General William Barr (“Where did Barr go? He did not show. Check every single Wendy’s!”) and President Trump’s relationship with Russian prez Vladimir Putin (“I get to make-a the wall, and Putin make me his beetch!”).

Fallon, who’s long been known to do a killer Sandler impression, was one of the many attendees at the aforementioned gathering. This instant classic skit also featured a surprise cameo by Wiig as Sandler’s Carrie-inspired mother, musical guest Shawn Mendes as Billy Madison, and Pete Davidson as Little Nicky.

Wiig stuck around long enough to play one-half of a polyamorous polycystic couple looking to spice things up in the bedroom. But first, she enjoyed a plate of trash spaghetti — Lady in the Tramp-style — with Kate McKinnon’s Sheila Sovage.

This especially perverse erectile dysfunction ad featured an unusually large alternative to “the little blue pill” which… wasn’t actually a pill at all. Even funnier than the graphic when the rectal remedy was inserted were Beck Bennett’s reactions as his parents explained how Rectix has improved their sex lives.

Sandler’s spokesman went into great detail about his award-winning vacation packages before emphasizing what a trip to Italy can’t do for you: “If you are sad where you are, and then you get on a plane to Italy, you in Italy will be the same, sad you from before, just in a new place,” he clarified. “We can provide you with a wine-tasting tour of Tuscany, but we cannot change why you drink, or the person you become when you do.”

The night’s one true dud came in the form of this forgettable music video where Sandler, Bennett and Kyle Mooney sang about… the holes in our clothes? (It’s best not to overthink it.) Make no mistake, this one bombed. There was not a single audible laugh from the studio audience.

What were your favorite sketches this week? And what missed the mark? Watch all of the highlights above, then grade Sandler’s return to Studio 8H in our poll.

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