Alex Trebek Opens Up About Cancer Treatment in Candid GMA Interview: 'I Have to Get Strong Again' — Watch

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Two months into his treatment for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek paid Good Morning America a visit on Wednesday to speak candidly about his health.

In an interview with Robin Roberts — who previously battled breast cancer in 2007 — Trebek was open about the low points of his chemotherapy, insisting that he wants to continue raising awareness about the disease through honest discussion.

“My oncologist tells me I’m doing well, even though I don’t always feel it,” Trebek revealed. “What I’m not used to dealing with is the surges that come on suddenly of deep, deep sadness. It brings tears to my eyes. I’ve discovered in this whole episode, ladies and gentlemen, that I’m a bit of a wuss. But I’m fighting through it.”

Trebek went on to offer a positive health update (as he did in a recent video to fans), adding that his platelet count and cancer markers have thus far been reassuring. He will receive another round of chemotherapy in a few days, and he was open about his struggle with the emotional side effects of treatment: “Chemo affects people in different ways, and people have to understand that. There’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘Hey, I’m really depressed today, and I have no idea why.'”

Jeopardy! will enter its 36th season this fall, and Trebek reiterated that he hopes to return as host after recovering from several months of treatment.

“I have to get strong,” he said. “Chemo takes it out of you. I feel so weak all the time, and that’s not a good place to be… Hopefully everything is going to turn out well, and I’ll be back on the air with original programming come this September.”

Trebek and Roberts also chatted about reigning Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer (aka “Jeopardy! James”), who has won 19 straight games thus far — and pocketed a lot of money in the process.

Watch Trebek’s full GMA interview below:

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