Being Mary Jane Series Finale Recap: Did MJ Get Her Happy Ending? Grade It!

Being Mary Jane Recap

After four seasons of family drama, office politics and failed relationships, Tuesday’s Being Mary Jane series finale gave Gabrielle Union’s character everything she’s ever wanted — just not quite how she expected to get it.

The two-hour event — which was basically a condensed version of what a fifth season might have been — began just moments before Mary Jane was set to walk down the aisle. But who was the lucky groom? For that reveal, the BET drama turned back the clock one full year, to the moment Justin proposed in the fourth season finale.

And if you thought Justin would have a hard time accepting that his fiancée was potentially pregnant with another man’s child, you’d be right, especially since she didn’t tell him about the embryos when she accepted his proposal. When her truth finally came out, so did Justin’s: “I wish you and your child all the best. I know you’re going to be an amazing mom.” And with that, he was gone.

But because this is Being Mary Jane, another man (played by Morris Chestnut, no less!) was waiting not-so-patiently in the wings to pick up the pieces of MJ’s fractured love life. An old flame from college, Beau was a lot hotter — and a lot less married — than MJ remembered, paving the way for a whirlwind romance that saw her through the birth of her baby boy, Albert James Patterson.

Unfortunately, drama reared its ugly handsome head once again when Justin returned to Great Day USA as a temporary replacement for Kara. (More on her later.) He and Mary Jane effortlessly slipped back into their old rhythm, leading to some tension — and ultimately an in-office fistfight — between MJ’s ex beau Justin and current beau… Beau.

This confrontation blew up Mary Jane’s world yet again, but it was Justin who picked up the pieces this time, earning his way back into her heart. They even bonded while taking care of little A.J., something Beau wasn’t pleased to discover when he showed up at Mary Jane’s apartment with an engagement ring of his own. (Like I said, they crammed a lot into this finale.) This brought us back to the present — er, the future? — for the reveal of Mary Jane’s groom. Drumroll please… And the winner is: Justin!

“I realized the only affirmation you need is ‘Let go and let love,'” MJ told us during the closing voiceover. “Because the second you get out of your own way and stop orchestrating, it just happens. The moment you stop saying ‘me’ and — without thinking — start saying ‘us,’ that’s the moment you’re finally able to allow the love you want in.”

As for the rest of Mary Jane’s inner circle…

* Upon being diagnosed with breast cancer, Kara opted to have a double mastectomy. And even though she was worried about how Orlando would feel about the changes to her body, those doubts faded away when he (finally!) pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him. (As an aside, I have to tip my hat to Lisa Vidal for her incredible performance. I shed a few tears when Mary Jane met her baby for the first time, but I absolutely sobbed during Kara’s scenes. Brava!)

* In other marital news, an intervention led by Patrick and PJ resulted in Paul changing his mind about divorcing Helen. And now that PJ bought the family house from them, they’re free to take on the world together.

* After initially shooting down her $50,000 request, Niecy’s family surprised her with an in-house hair salon where she can practice her craft and grow her clientele.

Did Being Mary Jane end the way you hoped it would? How do you feel about MJ ending up with Justin? Kara’s heartbreaking subplot? And that, uh, “bum rush” moment? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below. (And grade the series finale!)