Life in Pieces Premiere Sneak Peek: A Pregnant Jen Gets Grossed Out by Greg

Ah, pregnancy — it’s a beautiful, wondrous thing, isn’t it? Miraculous on every level?

Well, maybe not so much for Life in Pieces‘ Jen Short, who will be living through the most unglamorous parts of carrying a child when the CBS sitcom returns.

As previously reported, Life in Pieces will kick off its fourth season on Thursday, April 18, with episodes at 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm, before settling into its regular 9:30 time slot on Thursday, April 25.

In our exclusive sneak peek at Episode 2 (embedded above), an expectant Jen is working through some major, baby-induced heartburn, but that isn’t the only side effect of her pregnancy. She’s also become fairly repulsed by husband Greg — or, more accurately, the way he breathes through his nose.

“You know the air that comes out of your nose when you breathe?” Jen asks him. “Yeah, it makes me want to vomit.”

To Greg’s credit, he’s very understanding about his wife’s pregnancy quirks… but even after he remedies said “nose breath,” Jen reveals other habits of Greg’s that “make the food want to come out and party.”

Elsewhere in Episode 2, Colleen and Matt try to impress a potential birth mother, but they have a hard time competing against another rich, swanky couple. Meanwhile, in the season premiere, the Short family arrives at their vacation resort in the Yucatán, only to find the accommodations aren’t quite what they expected.

Press PLAY above to watch our Life in Pieces sneak peek, then drop a comment with your hopes for the new season!

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