Game of Thrones Season 8: Who Died? Who's Still Alive?


Of all the surprises that Game of ThronesSeason 8 premiere dished out, perhaps none was more surprising than this: No one died.

Sure, there were a couple of Euron Greyjoy’s men who took a lethal arrow when Theon boarded his uncle’s ship to rescue Yara. There likely was a bug or two crushed underfoot when Daenerys’ voluminous army marched into Winterfell. Little Lord Umber became white walker set dressing. And Jaime may have wished he were dead when he arrived in the North at the end of the episode and came within staring distance of Bran, whom he pushed out of a tower window way back in the series’ premiere.

On the whole, though, all of our beloved (and reviled) characters made it through the hour intact. But can’t say we expect that will be the outcome of the season’s remaining five episodes. And because there are so many characters in the epic fantasy tale, we thought we’d help you keep track of who’s still among the living with a list of the major players still drawing air in Westeros and beyond.

And yes, we’re aware that the Night King and the frozen version of Viserion aren’t actually alive — but they’re likely to be active elements in the show’s swan song, and as such are included in our tally.

We’ll update the gallery at right after every episode. As long as you don’t see anything indicating that the character pictured has joined Ned Stark in the great beyond, you can assume that he/she/it is safe… for now.

Click on the gallery — or go to it directly here — then bookmark it and make sure to check back after each new Thrones installment. And may the Seven bless us all!

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