Game of Thrones' Jerome Flynn Muses: Might Bronn Stab Jaime in the Back?


A sellsword’s loyalty is always up for grabs — It’s right there in the name! But over the past few seasons, Game of Thrones mercenary Bronn has seemed to settle into (and maybe even enjoy?) his role of Jaime Lannister’s right-hand man and de facto confidante.

However, just because Bronn’s been riding with a lion for a while doesn’t mean he won’t entertain other offers, portrayer Jerome Flynn tells TVLine.

“There’s reasons he’s attached to Jaime,” the actor says, but those reasons don’t necessarily include affection or loyalty. “He still hasn’t got his payoff, the castle and the wife and everything.”

Ah yes, Bronn’s payoff. Longtime viewers of the HBO series will recall that Jaime once promised the hardscrabble knight a stately home and a woman, a debt that Bronn has tried to collect several times over the past few seasons… with little success. When you consider that if Jaime dies, the deal likely does, too, it puts Bronn’s heroic measures after the Loot Train Battle in a new light, doesn’t it?

So as we head into Season 8, Flynn adds, Jaime better not get too complacent about the soldier of fortune’s support.

“I think he’d take a good offer, sure,” he says.

Unless, of course, Bronn somehow got his castle off-screen during the long hiatus between Seasons 7 and 8?

“You got it,” Flynn says, laughing as he paints the scene. “Jaime’s serving tea. He’s got a thing going with Daenerys. The White Walkers have retreated, and that’s it. Whoops! Gave it away.”


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