Game of Thrones Cast Reveals Its Favorite Lines, From Arya's Denial of Death to a Vital 'Valar Morghulis'

Game of Thrones Best Quotes Photos

We have a tender spot in our hearts for cripples, bastards and much-loved, oft-invoked Game of Thrones quotes.

Which is why it’s a good thing members of the HBO series’ cast were willing to offer up their favorite lines from the show at a recent press event.

Choosing the best quips from seven seasons of prestige TV can be a tricky affair, so we narrowed it down a bit by asking the actors to pick a line uttered by another character — not their own. Most were happy to do so. Others decided to stick with a piece of dialogue that they, themselves, had said on camera. (Conleth Hill, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, we’re looking at you… with love!)

A bunch of the usual suspects made the cut. After all, what would a Thrones quote round-up be without “Valar morghulis” or “The things I do for love”? But some of the actors’ picks surprised us, from an early meditation on the nature of bravery to a NSFW response to the naming of a weapon.

Even better: Listen to the actors quote their favorite bits themselves in our podcast, embedded below. 

In advance of Sunday’s Season 8 premiere (9/8c), flip through the gallery above to revisit some of the most quotable quotes in Westeros (or go to it directly here), then hit the comments with your favorite lines from the show!

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