American Gods: The Jinn Reveals Why He's Under Wednesday's Spell (NSFW)

Salim and The Jinn’s excellent side adventure will come to an end in Sunday’s American Gods, thanks to — who else? — Mr. Wednesday.

“So it’s Wednesday you worship, huh?” Salim asks his fiery friend in this exclusive sneak peek at the new episode (Starz, 8/7c). And you can’t blame him for thinking that: After all, the men have been on a hunt for the old man’s legendary spear, and once they’ve found it, Wednesday genially orders them to ditch their motorcycle and get in the car with him.

But The Jinn quickly corrects Salim. “I don’t worship anyone,” he says, explaining that he’s been hanging in an amulet around the Old God’s neck for years, only to be released when Wednesday needed him. “I’m beholden to him, but he’s not my f–king god.” (Oh, we probably should have mentioned that this clip contains some saucy language, so maybe don’t watch it without headphones if you’re at work.)

Then the former taxi cab driver and the former trinkets salesman approach Betty’s backseat, but Wednesday’s got a plan for seating arrangements, too. And is it just us, or does ol’ Odin seem a little obsessed with The Jinn and Salim’s budding relationship or what?

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the roadside scene unfold.

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